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Pop!_OS; Is it the best option?

I have fallen in love with Pop!, but I also like Arch. "/ Don’t know what I should do, and now I have been writing scripts for the Arch that I have in order to basically one click install everything I need from the get go. Which is really nice, but it’s taking a lot of time to fix it and my install takes about an hour, which sucks though.

I’m thinking that maybe Pop!_OS might be a better choice for me at the time being, it seems a whole lot more stable also. I like tinkering, but It shouldn’t take me weeks on end to fix it properly…

So I’m going to let others choose for me… Should I go over to Pop! instead of Arch?

First comment is the decision.



BTRFS by default, Cutting edge not Bleeding edge distro. Games, Audio all a Plus. Containers, flatpaks and just fun.

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I use Pop!_OS and like it a lot.


But all in all I am used to debian/ubuntu based distros. With light experience of red hat distros. But pop is my go to distro. It is beyond decent imo.


Good luck with Fedora!

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Go for Mint ! Or parabola :water_buffalo:

Fedora was not one of the alternatives, but I have seen the new GNOME interface that it has, and I’m intrigued, I might install it in a vm with a gpu pass-through in order to test it properly. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I have used Mint, I don’t like how it looks. I liked cinnamon for a while, I used L.Mint some years ago, for a year or so. But I got irritated when I couldn’t play Borderlands 2 with others. Since it’s not updated to the same patch as Windows and Mac, I can’t play with my friends on Linux. Which sucks. "/

So I will have a windows VM in order to play some games that Is impossible to play on linux, like BL2 modded. I want to play directly on Linux, as many games as possible, and when more of them work properly I’m going to ditch windows totally. I hate Win10 & Win11. It’s just a Virus, that Why I have been calling Windows for Windows Virus since Vista, but I did like Win7 though, but they didn’t add DirectX12 in it so I had to install Win10.

Now most games work.

It wasn’t an alternative. I’m going to switch to POP!_OS. Have Arch, Windows and Fedora on VM’s with GPU Passthrough though, because I want to test the new GNOME, but I’m actually a KDE fanboy, and I POP!_OS Cosmic, is so far away from GNOME in a way that made me intrigued after testing it for a week after installing it on my friends computer. It actually got me to want to switch…

The bigger problem is that the two GPU’s that I have is a nVidia Quadro 2000 and a RX580 dual, so I can’t really play on linux, till I buy a new GPU for Linux… "/

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I started of with my friends recommendations when I started with Linux years ago, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva, but I wanted it to be far from a windows ease, so my friend said, If I was stupid I could install Slackware or Gentoo. I never got Gentoo to work, even if I followed the guide that I printed out, step by step. It was a 200 something guide… Anyway, I settled with Slack and Arch have been close to my first love, but I don’t want to compile every application from source again, it’s time consuming and if you fudge it up, you have to reinstall the computer again. And I made many stupid choices when I was a noob.

I’m not that good at Linux, but I learn fast and I find it nice to install everything from the Terminal… I don’t know how to rewrite the Yakuake script for like guake though. "/ It opens 7 sessions… User, su, duf, btop, three SSH’s to my three RPi’s and one to the lolMiner … Oh that’s eight, and I have to add one more SSH for the PinePhone, when I get that to work. It’s not connecting through the jumpdrive at all. It did in windows, but not In Arch. "/

I’m going to close this thread now. Pm for more talks.

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