PoP OS 18.04 fresh install, completely freezes after login

TBH, this is due to you being on newer hardware and also a quirk of pop that its using systemd-boot and seemingly not letting you into the boot params. @zakpatat is likely right that you just need a newer kernel. pop might not be the best pick for your setup but we can get it going.

I personally only use windows on my gaming machines. There certainly is a little bit of masochism to getting linux working sometimes. If you wanted to maybe try something thats potentially more conducive to a smooth experience on your hardware, I’d recommend manjaro or fedora. If you want something in the ubuntu based family, I personally like mint, and its not too hard to update the kernel in it.

Ubuntu, Mint and Elementary OS, works fine ti the most extends. But they too likes to throw curve-balls at me with weird bugs.

But Pop OS takes the cake at the time. They managed to lock you out.

Maybe I could just install Ubuntu and make it into Pop OS? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont think theres any distro out there that isnt going to give you some breakage somewhere. Especially given a modern machine. If you want to seriously use linux as your daily OS, then you’ll have to work on learning how to troubleshoot frankly. I used to be in the same boat as you. Moving from distro to distro just leaves you with a different weird bug to figure out. Might as well find the one with the software you like and figure out how to step on the bugs.

We can certainly update the kernel on ubuntu or mint. I dont know enough about pop to know what kind of special sauce it has that makes users want to use it, therefore I dont know what it would take to ‘popify’ either of them.

You are certainly right about distro hopping isn’t the answer. It’s exactly the experience I get.
However, that is the exact problem. There is no guaranteed place to go when it comes to modern desktop usage. Not even Ubuntu. Maybe Fedora, but I doubt it.
It won’t take over as a average workstation, gaming OS, nor facebook machine, because you have to fight it.

I think you’re absolutely right that its not going to go mainstream any time soon… but I dont think its the fault of linux not being capable enough. Thats a topic for another thread though I think.

Hope you get it figured out man.

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I think it’s for another thread too.

I will resume my salty troubleshooting later, where I can frown every time is goes straight to login screen and I have to do a hard reset, because the system locks up when you press gui reboot or shutdown… :stuck_out_tongue:

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well yes but actually no


I hear Torvalds singing in the distance that song by a popular band “if you love me let me gooooooo”

But I’mma keep it 100 with you chief: linux isn’t for you.

If you want something that goes alone and fix itself magically then linoox is definetly not for you, no distro will carry you or hold your hand

the problem is the gpu you have, 5xxxx series have been a nightmare

leave GNU/Linux to people who care, we won’t judge you for using windows

stallman will, tho

Have you tried to enable HWE? Can you boot in iGPU mode?

Dude I can handle some Linux, but I am going to speak the unfiltered truth about it’s problems.
And right now one of the problems, is the elitist attitude surrounding Linux. You also need something that can work most of the time, instead of something that is guarantied to have problems, if you want to replace your PC/Mac. Right now, the desktop environment can’t be trusted for average “power user” work flow. And it’s not because it isn’t possible to make it do so, I believe.

Also, there where problems before 5xxx series too. There always is. But it’s so sad that Windows 10 doesn’t lock up when you try to install it on a 5700 xt system. Pop OS do…
The great think about Linux, is also what keeps it back. It’s a cluster fuck of branched development.
The release date of the 5700 xt, was July 7th 2019. So there where time to “include” it in the 19.10 version. Yet it doesn’t work in this instance.

I have somewhat success with Ubuntu server, except some apache stuff, that is way over my head anyway. Desktop on the other hand. Always end up disappoint me with weird stuff. Even multiple monitors and wallpapers screw up on the regular.

1700x doesn’t have integrated graphics.

So your problem isn’t with “Linux”, it’s Ubuntu probably.

Yes, I agree. Entirely.

That’s a “drawback” from the forms of “free beer”, but I see it as a good thing. If it wasn’t for branched development we’d all be using the same sort of GNU/Linux, which wouldn’t be ideal.

If Linux isn’t “perfect” and you want something “perfect” you’ll need to compromise couple of things, as some motivational speaker said once “pick your damn sacrifice”, you want shit to magically work? Go for Windoors or MarcOS. Want freedom as in free beer AND free speech? Pick some flavour of Linux without an Ubuntu base and tune it to fit your needs.

You’ll bump into some issues even using MS stuff or Apl, so… computers, dude… electronic stuff isn’t supposed to work 100% of the time with no hassle

Maybe you should try WSL or something cause your way of thinking isn’t quite compatible with the GNU/Linux principle. Maybe wait for Fuchsia.

I am addressing the chances of “Linux” becoming a mainstream option, in the current state. Simple as that.

As much as I like to debate this topic, it’s not really related to the OP. If you guys want to make a thread about it I can move these post for you, otherwise I’d say let’s stick to troubleshooting.

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maybe a dumb question but are you sure you downloaded the AMD version of Pop_OS?

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I indeed did. Everything points to the kernel.

Did you enable the hardware enablement stack?

How would I be able to do this in the installer?

I was wondering if anyone knows how to inject the newest kernel into the installation process of Pop OS, etc?

I am not knowledgable enough to know how to do this with the installer itself (this probably involves extracting files from the ISO and then replacing it with updated ones. Either that or wait for the upcoming 20.04 this summer or fall, i guess.

I have a suggestion with your original problem, before you login, press CTRL+ALT+F1, login through the GUI then do the hardware enablement there via sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04 (as well as the usual sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade

if the machine boots into the kernel but you just dont get a display output, and all you need is to update the kernel then just ssh into your computer from a different computer post installation and run an update via cli and reboot. Simple as pie.