PoP OS 18.04 fresh install, completely freezes after login

Hi guys.

I have a problem with Pop OS, both 18.04 and 19.10. After a fresh install of 18.04, the system locks completely up the instant I press enter after typing my user password. Version 19.10 goes black screen after login. It also locks up if you restart using the GUI.

I’ve got a feeling that is a problem related to graphics, but I am not sure.

Ryzen 1700x
Radeon 5700 xt.

If you guys have any suggestion, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

See if you can log in to one of the tty via ctrl + alt + F5. If you can then check /var/log/syslog to see if anything is screaming at you.

As soon as I press ctr+ alt + F5, the gui flickers once very fast, and freezes up. Even the mouse courser is frozen, when it freezes up.

Does it work correctly live?

Your GPU is too new. Drivers are not supported in the Linux kernel of this release. boot with no mode set, update kernel or download PopOS_19.10.

I am able to install it via live, but there is some weird white lines at the bottom of the screen. I have selected to Intel/AMD iso, not the Nvidia one.

How do I do that with Pop OS?

Also, why wouldn’t the installer take care of that, when it is connected to the internet? Wouldn’t it be smarter to have a system that ticks of, when your hardware is not supported?

Boot with holding shift, open grub menu, select boot options, add “nomodeset” to boot string. boot into PopOS. update kernel and reboot.

Installer should have a new kernel by now. friend of my has the same problem. RX5700 has shitty support in linux kernel. Lastest linux kernel should fix it.

I dont know because I dont buy AMD cards, but I thought the driver had been backported to older kernels on the ubuntu side. He should have support.

It would seem the installer didn’t set up grub on the drive, or any other drive for that matter…

popos uses systemd-boot but you can still do the nomodeset trick. I believe you press space during boot and then e to edit the boot parameter.

I will try that right away.

No luck…

which part didnt work?

I don’t get any option to edit anything. It just goes straight to the login screen.
Another thing I find strange about Pop OS, is that it is booting slowly.


looks like you have to hold space if there was no menu

I did. From boot till login screen, I held down the space key. Nothing.

Is Arch linux Debian based?

Are you getting a boot menu or not?

You might have to edit the config from a live instance then.

Boot into your pop live media and you should have a /boot/loader/entries/whateverpopiscalledhere.conf and then edit it that way.

no arch is not debian based, but the arch wiki can often be useful because the software is often the same with a few arch specific things.

For Reference: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/systemd-boot/

First of, I’s like to thank you for your help. And I will resume troubleshooting later today.
Secondly, I’d like to moan about Linux in general.

This is the reason Linux haven’t taken over the desktop marked in any remote way. There is always something wrong somewhere. Nothing just works all the way though. It doesn’t matter that it sometimes is the hardware manufactures fault. There is always something…
Linux, I really love you, but there is always some weird issue, that needs resolving.

Say what you want about Windows 10, but I have never had any of these problems with it.

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