Pop on gpu

I wasn't 100% sure on where to put this, Okay so my sister knocked a can of pop onto the top of my computer and some dripped inside. The computer was powered on when this happened and i immediately turned it off and took all of the hardware out. As far as i can tell it went on the motherboard and gpu but i will triple check, i just want to know some tips on how to deal with this what i know so far is i should get some isopropyl alcohol (im getting some 99.7% pure) clean it thoroughly then let it dry. How long should i let it dry for and what are the chances that my system will work after? Any other tips on what to do are welcome. 

Pictures:   http://imgur.com/a/EWbCD

The chances that it's going to work are rather slim unfortunately. :(

The best thing you can do is clean it up carefully, let it dry at least a couple days to be sure and pray to Lord GabeN that nothing shorted out.

That is comforting lol, and i like to think me and GabeN have a good relationship... 

If it didnt short out when it happened then you will probably be fine.

Use lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean everything .  Be very gentle and take your time.  Let everything stand for at least an hour after your finished.  

Test the system WITHOUT the GPU and if it powers on ok, then add the GPU and test again.

I would be surprised if you killed it if it didnt short out at the time

Try not to kill your sister over this.


I personally reckon it'll be fine. ive seen ghetto loops spring leaks and parts survive. Luck of the draw.

This it kind of relevant - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tASvbnODtq4