Poor as fuck (Okay, that's a lie, BUT YOU GET THE POINT)

In the summer and concidering my age, the most cash I can muster up is like 20 bucks, if lucky, that is. And from where I live I have to walk three miles + just to type this. Then I thought, hey I have most of the stuff needed to get a raspberry pi(model b+) working and that's 25$ (usd, sorry I didn't say that before) so this dosen't seem in possible. So the question lies, is it worth it to use a quad core 900 mhz prosessor as a computer that I can program, surf the web, and use as a ssh server when the school gives us shit chromebooks during the school year.

yeah its worth it my brother has it and its really quick and it can handle most tasks quite well

out of curiosity, can it play emulators or do you need a different pi distro for that ?

um not sure ill ask my brother but im not sure hes tried that yet

I am sure you could just install emulationstation on whatever distro you are running. You may have to do some more configuring because you are installing it from scratch but I am sure it is doable.

thanks man, different question, can the audio jack on the b+ with a spliter ouput rca + video, that's what I'm really beting on here.

There is something called RetroPie just for emulating old systems.

okay, but I'm looking to do more, but thanks for the suggtestion

and you can use a adapter for 3,5 (4pol) audio/video to rca

Thats good for my needs, I have an analog tv. Beggers can't be choosy