Pool.gotgrapedrink.com - Weird Response and More Questions

Hey guys,

I'm new here and new to Litecoin Mining.

I followed ztrain's tutorial and I am setup to mine from his pool, but had a number of questions that I wasn't sure about.

1.) I'm constantly getting "Weird response from server" Is this normal, something on my end, or on ztrain's?

2.) What is the best, easiest, and safest way to invest in Litecoins?

Thanks guys! 

best and Easiest is to mine

As for server issues ive expirenced a lot of problems on my end so id say these are ongoing issues within the pool.

Ok, glad to here it isn't something I'm doing wrong. I've also noticed that the kH/s of my Reaper is reading out twice as much as what gotgrape claims it is getting.

How come everyone's shares has been reset? And why didn't i get paid for the mining i did?

They had to change the difficulty of the Mining so the whole pool tracking ect... got reset, and they are still rpocessing the litecoin payout as it was killing there server to calculate all the transactions and who gets what ect...

hey guys, so everything is working fine on my main machine, but I tried to test the Radeon HD 4600 (mobility), reaper configs are the same apart from threads and worker details, but it seems to fail  - reaper shows 5 MH (yes - mega) but it does not seem to do anything, apparently its not even connected to the pool

any ideas? :)