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Assuming 4TB drives the Ultrastar would be $144, Toshiba N300 for $118, or WD Red for $104. Probably only two drives to start.

The N300 is nicer than the Red because it’s 7200 RPM and has more cache. The Ultrastar is nicer than the N300 because even more cache, higher MTBF, and longer warranty.


would not worry about MTBF to be honest
How many drives are you getting / do you have 10gbe / how many users using the nas?


currently a sale on 8TB toshiba nas drives… $190 usd (limit 4 tho)

  • 2 for now, maybe more if Nextcloud pans out.
  • No 10Gbe. Most use will probably be at home with more or less 1Gb speeds, but (in theory) some use will be from school/work.
  • One for now (me), potentially five or six if Nextcloud pans out.


Would just do 2 of the 7200 then probably (might change drives if other things change)


On the topic of tea…

Preferred sweetener:

  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweetener
  • None (don’t spoil the flavor!)

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Favorite type of tea:

  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Blended tea (combination of teas from different regions)

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Breakfast tea:

  • Black (no additives, just the tea)
  • With sweetener (honey, sugar, etc)
  • With sweetener and creamer/milk/half and half

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Other? Pu’er isn’t really a black tea per se.


I don’t like tea, but I like hot toddies on very rare occasions… so honey for me. Plus I like honey in coffee, the superior caffeinated drink :wink:


@Heimdallr proposes a new name for this thread reflecting who we are

  • Level1 Polls
  • Poll1T - Data Mining edition
  • PollNotSyndicate

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JK but in all seriousness I wonder what we could name it… haha


its not changing under any circumstance


That honestly have been discussed before…
Nobody wants to change the thread name…



all I was doing is gauging to see if feelings have changed… chill ouuuuutttt bruh :rofl:


[x] NO


See at least he had a since of humor


Regarding poll name change

  • Chill out
  • No
  • Go full Steve Jobs

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The percentage that didn’t pick poll syndicate is higher than those that did so looks like name change is a go.


oh yeah? take the bait




The aboose caboose is here. Name change shall be allowed.