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Just for the intakes for fox sake stop changing your AVI I thought there is someone new…


It looks neat but I know how impractical it would be and couldnt justify its mildly good looks.

I cant base my opinion on a purely asthetic standpoint because it will need to be cleaned of dust often to keep it from looking bad. If it had a custom loop too thats a big fucking nope.


but i am new


there’s good reason why i’m asking for answers only on asthetics.


Fuck my life…


Aesthetically its not even that great imo. Its a good looking case but theres stuff I would pick over it in a heartbeat


Did you test 101 options?


Still not enough. We need 18.9 Billion. Like the transistors on Pascal.






Need for more responses intensifies. I need like 50


What the fuck is that monstrosity


A case my boss is fond of.


Well he is wrong.

It is really bad. It looks ugly and cheaply made. Those panel
s look like cheap bathroom caddies and all the dust will get in there lol

Prob good airflow tho


good concept horrid execution.


I’m in agreement. I just showed our lead of marketing all your guys’ votes and responses. This was pretty much the result I expected, much appreciated. Poll closed.


“I asked a bunch of wierd overenthusiastic neckbeards, they do not like it that much”


Just the way i like it.


I want to make a NAS of sorts to go with my attempt at Nextcloud.

  • Splurge on Western Digital Ultrastars (I get a discount)
  • Get something cheaper like Toshiba or whatever

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Really depends on how much cheaper