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Going to the country, gonna build a lot of PCs

  • 9900k
  • 2700x
  • Other/wait

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PCs come in a van, they were put there by a man.


You asked for it: …

It depends :wink:


The only vote that matters…



I’m going with the unpractical/funny option, just to see if he would actually do it :grin:


The darkest of Fridays is upon us.


Thanks for the poll, now I know whose judgement I can and can’t trust in here :+1: :grin:


It doesnt really depend. I want a new desktop. Money is not an issue. Budget is 2500-3000 USD.

The only aspect of the build I’m not settled on is CPU, which is a good thing I think.


You can get a TR 1900x for $300 meow. And you’ll be flush with pcie lanes.

With two Intel 760p 512gb m.2 at $120ea in raid0 will be a pretty friggin sweet.

Deals are going to be sweet this year.


If I was going TR I sure wouldnt go for last years. I do almost want to wait for zen 2 though.


The platform doesn’t change though, TR4 and AM4 are long term.

My plan is to upgrade my 1900x to a 4+GHz base clock whenever they release.


What do you use your computer for? Do you need lots of threads and/or lot’s of IO? For me it would be no question a Threadripper or even Epyc system if I had that kind of money to throw at it, but I can use all those threads for Science! :grin:

Supposedly RAM prices are going to come down now over the next couple of months, so this can be a reason to wat. SSD prices are down right now, not sure how these are going to develop.


I’m not going to build until the beginning of next year.

I use my computer for all kinds of things but mainly games.

I dont NEED much. I could get by with the system I have.


I’m curious about music streaming services for mobile
what does L1 use?

  • Youtube Music
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • google play music
  • apple music
  • amazon prime music
  • Sirius XM
  • I pirate every song and play it locally
  • other service kewldude forgot because he’s a newfag

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cant edit the poll, I meant youtube music premium


I only use Spotify, but I put a point in for Apple Music to because I used that before and I think the interface is much better.



It’s a trap!


RIAA wants to know your location


I buy music when the publisher makes it convenient. But hosted locally is my preferred method.


Fuck… Can’t unvote…