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Changed my mind, will do a dev project.


The pc/console post is missing an option. I play on BOTH. Always have. What does that make me?


Increment your c skills.


Game completion poll.

When you play a game and you beat the game by doing all it has to offer, do you get all achievements as well, or just beat the game and be done with it?

  • I beat the game and get all the achievements available
  • I beat the game and I dont try to get all the achievements

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You need a third option - I don’t beat the game… The last game I actually finished was Limbo 5 years ago…


Played CSGO, saw the chickens dressed up as ghosts
Favorite CSGO Holiday theme :slight_smile:

  • Christmas
  • Holloween
  • Newyears
  • Other

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Usually I beat the game without focusing on the achievements.

Later when I come back to it I look at them to find if there is an interesting challenge and try to complete them.


He’s trying to get my Cadbury eggs


Be sure to create a thread about that next year. We have a lot of artists here, I am sure they would love having that.


Front end is done. Starting on the rear. Need limited slip diff, traction bars, sport leaf springs, rebuild kit and misc parts.

Next purchase?

  • Limited slip diff
  • Traction bars
  • Leaf Springs, bearings, misc

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  • I voted today (November 6th)
  • I did not

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:us: americans only :us:


I voted to say I did not vote.
The irony.


I voted on this poll.




I voted mail in last week.


that counts as voting today imo





  • American
  • Italian

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Only “pizza pie” is italian

just Pizza is american


Yeah, fuck Italian culture :smiley: