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Select all that apply :smiley:

  • I never played runescape
  • I have played runescape in my youth
  • I still play Runescape 3 (formerly RS2)
  • I play old school runescape

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There is you counterweight.




Let me rephrase…
Why are there no votes for Turnip?
Now there are. I already chose Turnip-chu…


Should we have a pimp walk showdown?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you use extremely short variable names in any language?
fs = x[i]
frames = array[index]

Or whatever
Makes your lines longer but so much more readable

Thus, there are two kinds of people…

  • I use longer, logical variable names
  • I use more compact, confusing variable names

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Yes you can do both, depending on context; if you understand which context to use it in, you understand why it’s single choice.


I honestly started moving towards longer names, just cause I have a lot of things with similar abbreviations so it really gets confusing down the line… So as of late I am using longer names, though I used to use shorter names before…


Good choice



Readability is king. I also use a new line for opening brackets { because I’m not a heathen.


I see contradiction here.


I used to do that, until some compiler threw an error; I think it was Go that doesn’t like that. now, my other code now follows suit, though i do think it looks better on its own line.

The thing that throws me for a loop (ha…) is when a library can be well documented, but have such poor readability in the actual code.
An example is some python dsp stuff I saw, there was a fairly extensive notebook on what the objects do, but it’s difficult to modify because I constantly forget what all the two-letter attributes stand for.

Can anyone justify the shorter vars? What say you all?


Maybe using short variable names would be OK on oop within your class or struct. This would give some context when accessing the var/method by class. Position.x guests.ct

  • snek
  • danger noodle
  • nope rope

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In a relationship atm. But will propose soon. She know’s it’s coming we have talked.

So I will be married soon


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Hunting for headphones

The Audiotechnica ones while they are nice cans, they tend to sag in long sessions. Kind of annoying. Sound is good though.

HiFi and PC. Got M40X’s for the go or when I help out at events.

I wonder why they don´t do the same system they got on their cheaper headphones. My sisters AKG-K72’s are perfectly fine headband wise. But the sound quality is just not there.

K702 and 990’s are more or less the same price, the K712 are 80€ more, and then it is only another 80€ to the R70X’s… ARGH!


Im talking to a bunch of people about a hypothetical question: would buying a used GPU that was used for mining be worth it.

  • Buying a GPU that was used for mining; and was properly maintained is fine
  • Buying a GPU used for mining in general shouldn’t even be considered because who knows what that card has been through.
  • Just buy a new GPU you poor peasant!

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It all depends on the price…


There’s little reason not to buy a mining GPU.
I just got one myself and it’s good condition.


Many miners have actually flashed the bios to one with better hashtags and what not… And I’m not really sure if that doesn’t cripple the gaming performance… .