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I’d blame the Russians…


Is it persistent, comes and goes? You don’t give a whole lot of information. Even a doctor couldn’t give you a diagnosis on that little.

Statement: It could be a repetitive stress injury, but I am not a doctor, I’m an assassin droid. Recommendation: It would not hurt to get it checked out if it is persistent or recurring.



Body wash VS bar soap.

  • Body wash
  • Bar soap

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Pressure washer.


Depends on the water, but hard water IME is much worse with bar soap.


Definitely body wash.


California peaches vs Georgia peaches.

  • California peaches
  • Georgia peaches

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Is there a difference?


Only if you hate California.


Buy Bulgarian peaches then. I need to make something sweet with peaches tomorrow… If I find peaches somewhere…


Georgia peaches are juicer and sweeter.


Solid soap, or liquid depends on the bathroom. and the company… certain situations one would never wish soap that might be dropped… I guess that’s why they invented Soap on a Rope?


Truck stop showers?


Close, I’m thinking more like people held “At Her Majesty’s pleasure”

aka in the clink, the slammer, the big house, doing porridge


I accidentally ate a bowl of white gravy thinking it was porridge. It was delicious.


I heard bar soap is more environmentally friendly than liquid. Bar soap only needs a wrapping, the rest of the weight is the soap itself. Because it’s lighter, it’s cheaper to ship, and there’s no plastic to recycle. There’s also less of a chance of using too much soap so you waste less.


How do you buy/consume your music?

  • Analogue media only (vinyl, tape, Laserdiscs, etc.)
  • Digital Physical media (CD, Music DVDs, etc.)
  • Digital Download (Amazon mp3s, ITunes, Bandcamp, etc.)
  • Stream (Spotify, YouTube, Internet radio, etc.)
  • Personal Cloud (PlexMediaServer, etc.)
  • I am a one-man orchestra/band and make my own music on the fly

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I’ve had Spotify for almost ten years now, anything but streaming feels very backwards to me.


Laserdisc is analogue?