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I actually like having both…


Video is too slow for me, gotta have those graphs and slides.


Articles have searchable information.


Written articles are way WAY more informative. Always. No matter how informative a video is, a couple pages dense text will always fit more information, unless the video is super detailed 30+ minute review. There are none. Tom Logan from OC3D used to make 40-45 minutes crazy detailed videos. Not anymore. His last videos are shorties. So written articles, thank you mery vuch. I mean very much.


You’re very welcome
Same here, sometimes in an article I am only interested in one or two items and I can find them real quick.
I was wondering if it was an age thing


Well, usually I am looking at YouTube videos and if something catches my eye I am looking at more detailed information in written articles. As of late there aren’t many things that I have the willingness to read about. But back when I was building my system I was reading multiple articles about each component. But if I have a question usually there is no YouTube video that will answer it. So written articles it is.


I think it also depends on how many of my hard earned squids I’ll be sinking into a product— more molar, more investigating.
Also if I need something to last me a long time, vs something I can ditch if it doesn’t work out.

Some things I’ll even go to an actual Physical store (in the actual real world :scream:) to check out…


If you had a time machine, what would you use it for?

  • Simply observe as things happen
  • Stop terrorist attacks
  • Save people from natural disasters
  • Use the time machine for your own personal gain

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Written article along side a YouTube video. Plus use multiple platforms for the hardware review.


Where is the option to change evolutionary history so penguins become the superior race on earth?


Wait, they aren’t already?


If people tell me they have time machine and they don’t use it for personal benefits I will not believe them at all.


Should I upgrade my Nexus 7 tablet for a newer tablet that gets more updates? The Nexus 7 is on the fritz.

  • Yes
  • No

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How about “install LineageOS and keep it running?”


The touch screen is doing some weird things. It acts like I am not touching it at times, all that sometimes works is the side buttons.


Sudden strong pain in right arm

  • Will go away by iteself
  • Requires visit at the doctor
  • Death imminent, start giving stuff away and cry self to sleep.

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wait ten minutes, could just be a cramp

what part of your arm, joint? muscle?


Isn´t a cramp. Certain movements (mouse) or up and down motions cause pain. krmn

yes, all of it.

  • I am not a doctor.
  • But, I did stay at a Holiday Inn.

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could be a blood clot( or a pinched nerve hard to tell)