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Okay I will make a poll.


What knife steel do you think is the most practical for every day use?

  • VG-10
  • 420HC
  • 440C
  • 8Cr13MoV
  • AUS-8
  • AUS-8A
  • 154CM
  • CPM-S30V
  • CPM-S35VN
  • 1095
  • D2
  • Elmax

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I think the poll i made is broken somehow.


33+33+34 = 100
That is what you get for

int x = 100
x  = x/3


For people who have any opinion on Playstation… Which do you think is the better value? kicking around the idea of getting one. Note: i have a 1440p monitor to plug it into not 4k.

  • PS4 Slim ($260)
  • PS4 Pro ($420)

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do you ever plan on doing VR or 4k. go with the pro if not go with slim.


I say let them eat cake.


Go slim. There isn’t really any huge performance difference, enough to justify almost the double price. I mean 720p on the slim will look crisp as a crisp on that 1440p monitor.
IDK. I would just get a Switch. All other games run on PC as well…


UK, France, Germany Category, Europe is not one big country!


Fallout 76

  • Is a dlc
  • Is a new game
  • Will be some online mmo disappointment

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Is that a serious question?

  • Still waiting for TES VI
  • Don’t care about TES
  • Abandoned hope for TES VI

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Same question as before… Is that a serious question?


Just for you…

Which will arrive first:

  • Tes VI
  • Star Citizen
  • Half-life 3
  • Heat death of the solar system

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What is Tes VI?


The Elder Scrolls 6.

Skyrim was TES V.


I think the Slim is a better value. You can play all the same games. The graphics are slightly better on the Pro, but it’s one of those things where you won’t notice the difference unless you’re holding them up side-by-side (unless you had a 4K TV). VR is unimpressive, as expected. The Pro isn’t $160 better. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about fan noise on the Pro, and I own one and can confirm. Mine is out in the open, not tucked in a shelf, nothing covering the vents, and still sounds like a jet about 40% of the time.


You get to be Admin at Level1techs for one day. What is your first order of business?

  • Shut down The Lounge
  • Ban everyone who has a Santa hat avatar
  • Merge Level1 and teksyndicate
  • Edit all leader posts
  • Change forum to phpBB
  • Get McDonald’s sponsorship
  • Require all members to take an electricity course
  • Switch from YouTube to Bitchute
  • Make razetheworld great again

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I’d ban tsk for not making this a multi option poll

Require all members to take an electricity course



Preference for Hardware reviews

  • Written article
  • Youtube video

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