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It depends on the music you listen to. And how good you want the experience to be.


Um, use a desktop app to access several web mails?
I r confuse


Mkay… I’m going to start development of my new game… Shall I stream it, raw and unedited, or record and edit?

  • Stream
  • Record and edit

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  • Acquire brush, add toothpaste, add water, brush teeth
  • Acquire brush, add water, add toothpaste, brush teeth
  • Acquire brush, add toothpaste, brush teeth
  • Acquire brush, add water, brush teeh
  • Acquire brush, brush teeth
  • ???, Brush teeth
  • I have transcended mortality and need no teeth as I am a Wraith.

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Hmm mortality isn’t the best choice but can’t change it now

  • comment and document my source code
  • comment my source code
  • comment links to stackoverflow explaining the code
  • Guess later what the code does
  • Only God knows

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I always start with well commented code and everything, and later on I notice that the comments are more than the code and I can’t really find the code, so I try to comment less and then I skip important comments, so by the end I don’t comment anything… God knows what I’m doing, cause I sure as hell don’t…


The ones that voted water first, then paste probably also put soap on their hands before getting them wet too.


I use both daily.

Desktop outlook for work

Gmail and other web for all personal

  • Acquire large bucket
  • Acquire large amounts of old pc parts
  • ???
  • Profit

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You know me well.


Only people in corporate environments use Desktop programs for email. It’s stupid because there is more stuff that can go wrong.
With webmail, there is notthing to install, nothing to configure, don’t have to wait for it to sync, it’s always there.


On Windows I’m all web-based. I used to use Thunderbird but it asks for my single-app password for iCloud EVERY DAMN TIME and it’s so annoying that I just decided I won’t use it. It was working fine for a while. I’m not sure what changed, but it’s not worth spending the time to investigate and fix it.

On Mac I use the Mail client (or app, but I hate using that word when referring to computer programs) for Gmail, iCloud, and Live. It’s nice to just have everything in one place. For ProtonMail I just do web-based because they don’t have a native app. You have to do some funky plugin thing and I don’t want to have to do that on multiple computers.


Sad :frowning: I’m the only one who likes to play Avorion.


If I am able to find a solution for an issue, I link to stack overflow in the comments. After all, the least I can do is say where I shamelessly stole the answer from.


I am looking into buying functional space sandbox games, cause SpaceEngineers ain´t one!


It feels a lot live Eve Online.

But, also runs native on linux :smiley:

Great LAN capabilities too.


What is the most practical knife steel?

Mine is VG-10.


Define practical and also make a poll…


I don’t wanna build a poll for every knife steel and heat treat.


Then I think you are in the wrong thread, buddy.