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But a curved edge at the correct gauge prevents stripped wire strands. And I hate stripped wire strands.



It would have, except for one problem…



Wut r u taking abut main…?/


An automatic OTF knife


Waaaat is thaa woruud called an?




Insert Crocodile Dundee meme here


There was no period after the word “knife” in the original statement. Technically I should have put “[An] automatic knife…”, but that’s debatable since there is no official format for this forum that I’m aware of.

What should the new L1T official citation format be?

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago

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I’ve had to use all three.

APA makes more sense IMO.


In wich meeting did we decide we were going super serious?




Not sure what Chicago is doing in there. As you can now carry auto knives in Illinois of any length. Even swoards if you wished. But why?




I was thinking about going with that one. Tried to use a GIF actually, but I kept getting an error and I was too lazy to figure it out.

  • Disney is killing Star Wars
  • Disney is keeping Star Wars alive
  • I don’t care enough about Star Wars to have a solid opinion.

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Disney is milking Star Wars, keeping it alive in some bizarre Frankenstein’s Monster fashion until there’s no more cash in that zombie cow.

I’ll still go watch the main series though, I’m enough of a sucker.


Disney is basically Mickey Mousing Star Wars…


Disneys episode 7 was so bad i haven’t seen any others. It’s sad they threw away any potential for the reboot being good. Seeing the solo movie BS has made me sick though the actor is ass.


If by “alive” you mean “keeping on life support because no DNR was signed so the family can only stand there and watch it suffer a slow, horrible, painful death,” then yes, Disney is keeping Star Wars alive.

  • Space Engineers
  • Empyrion
  • Avorion
  • What are any of those?

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