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Should I become more active on the forums again after a ~1 year hiatus

  • Yes
  • No
  • F**k no, go away

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Is Rick Rolling still fun?

  • Yes.
  • Double Yes.

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The more - the marier… Or however the spelling is supposed to be…

PS: Speaking of polls:


Thanos did the right thing

  • Yes
  • No

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You… You you you… Now I have to watch that garbage to be able to answer the question…


Apple will sue. They own rectangular shape with rounded corners…
I wish I was joking…
Now on topic…
What should I buy with my first salary from my new job?

  • Home grill, electrical
  • NVMe SSD (SX6000)
  • Shoes
  • Save for “darker times”

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Darker times being next month with new power supply… Not that I need it, I just want it.
PS: I like how the thread threw me like 9 billion messages back instead of the last message…


Had this the other week. Terrible tea is terrible.


I like that one.


Implies tea with milk and sugar is a “proper brew.”


In that case what would you recommend instead of Graphite 760t? Mind you it needs to have a bay for optical drive.


Is that the only requirement? Optical drive bay? Is the huge window a requirement or is just a bonus? Cause I can say right away Phanteks Enthoo Pro. Even with Glass window it’s cheaper. It basically gives the same features set and a bit of extra customizability…
And did I mentioned it’s about 30% cheaper?


The window is a bonus but i would need the HDD bays facing sideways, so i can easily add/remove hard drives. Also it needs to have a good airflow. Plus this case has door-like handle. On my side i have to unscrew the side panels before i can take them off.


So basically you have found the best case for you and I see no reason to look for other one of this one is perfect fit for you. You can go Cougar Panzer Max, or you can stay with the Corsair one…


That looks pretty good actually. and it’s cheaper too.


Other: NVIDIA Shield


Your polls are always a close race Pete.


I like how there is not a single vote for the NVMe drive.
But yes. It’s always close. One of the reasons I am asking, cause I can’t decide.


I would say save you should always at a bare minimum have enough in savings to float for three months without work.

This I would use a secondary account for play money for PC parts and cooking equipment. You save and still get nice things.


Does this sentence give you a boner? A automatic OTF knife with wire strippers on the spine of the blade in digicam dlc coating in a non corrosive steel.

  • Yes?
  • Oh god yes!!! Why aren’t you making knives!?

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Or just use the normal blade, and live life on the edge