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May be I am not the best person to answer that question, but given my despise of Corsair I say go Seasonic… They are the best anyways…


Why the hate towards Corsair?


I explained it in 17,5 billion other three, but still.
Because I am drowned in marketing. I am tired everywhere I look to see only corsair. Corsair cases are far from the best, especially for the price, but all of them are praised and there are billions of reviews of them. Corsair PSUs are rebrands, but who cares, it’s Corsair. There are better PSUs, but Corsair. Keyboards, watercoolers, even their ram is not the best…
Yet Corsair…
I am tired of seeing Corsair everywhere. Same with Asus.


You have a point, Corsair are pretty good at marketing , and it is pretty pervasive.
I have a case (760D?) which is pretty good, but I could have got better/more for the money, but overall, I’m happy with it.
Also have a closed loop CPU cooler, which has been pretty reliable over the last three years, so again, I can’t knock their quality


You said it yourself

Tiny Tom Logan from OC3D is the only one who openly sais “you pay premium for the name alone”… That’s my point as well. Marketing is all well and good, and they don’t make bad products, but you can always get better for the money. I have 240 AIO for 50€… 30% speed and my 1700X stays under 50C under full load. AIOs are pretty much the same… I mean 5C is the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive 240 AIO…


FWIW I do like the Link software, and from what I’ve heard it’s a lot better than, say CAM from NZXT.

Of course a full loop means I’m not using it anymore but it was pretty good while I was.


I figure for AIO’s, you want the best quality pump, ‘coz that’s what’s gonna die, but I never really looked to close, so could have brought a turnip.
The case however, I did pay a bit more for the aesthetics that I desired.


Oh, everything is better than CAM…

Corsair uses Asitek - the same as almost everyone else. Cooler Master and I believe Enermax are making their own… But that’s it. Everyone else are using Asitek.

Yeah, I get that, though I mainly care more for the features than the looks…
In that vain:
What is more important in a case?

  • Features > Looks
  • Looks > Features
  • Looks = Features

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I went with both because I think it’s going to depend on the build’s use-case. Aesthetics can be important if it’s something that sits on your desk next to the monitor. I don’t want to look at this thing for instance:


Who wouldn’t want to sit there with the eye of Sauron staring at them all the time? :smile:


Multiple. And I need to stop doing that. I need to focus. I don’t have time to switch off between games like I used to, and as a result I never finish any of them.

Exactly. I think features are more important in general, BUT if the case looks bad there’s an exception.


You people are so lying…
You bought those tempered glass cases, while you could have gotten way better cases for the price, but now you all tell me features are more important, or just as important…
So lying…


Nope. I bought my Thermaltake Core V21 for the specific purpose of being able to fit it on the edge of my desk without having to worry about it tipping over :slightly_smiling_face:. Next I looked at the other m-ATX cube cases, and the V21 had the most ideal USB port location.

Once I have my own place and have room for a nice desk, I’m going to get something with sound dampening.


It’s gotta have features but if it’s ugly then nope.


Well, if it does have the features I will compare the looks as well, but I will not buy a case that looks good if it lacks things I want it to have.

I believe you can move the ports on any side you want, something similar to the Q300L by Cooler Master… So basically it always have an ideal USB location…


I bought an S340 Elite on sale for I think $90 with free shipping. I like the blank face and minimalism, didn’t want an optical drive, I like the I/O location, and it performs just fine for my wants.

That said, I think if and when I rebuild my system it’ll be a lot more compact, either mATX or mITX.

And it’s still gonna be pretty. :wink:


I think I’m more contradictory, rather than deceitful.
I went for a set of features, then spent a bit more on top for a pleasing look on top of the functionality.
Next case will be a fugly 3/4u case with ALL the drive sleds on the front and fans like a jet engine :smile:


True, it looks like you could just rotate the front cover (probably why the TT logo is magnetic so you can rotate it), and there would be plenty of cable to reach. Never really thought of that though. I just saw ports on the left side, and I sit to the left of the case, so I didn’t have to change anything.


It’s more versatile than you think…


Black tea with milk and sugar