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I am home.

Also which big? Big booze or big can? So much uncertainty!

I won’t look at the results until there are a few more votes.


Peanut Butter Porter it is!


The poll is broken for me, but id say peanut butter because I’m a nut for peanut butter.


I closed it when it was time to crack one open. I don’t know if anyone else does that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I should leave it open though, so reopened it is.


Can’t really make that decision when I’m 13… Lol


The Dangers of the Internet! :smirk:


Zombie apocalypse=committing suicide. I don’t want to be eaten alive.

  • I have Amazon Prime.
  • I don’t have/need it.
  • Amazon does not ship to my country.

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I have it but don’t need it.

But it is handy, lots of things that aren’t available around my area without driving for more than a half hour one way.


I don’t get you. Amazon will ship parcels to you even without Prime. And if you don’t need it then why burn your money?


I don’t need lots of things but enjoy their usage regardless?

We watch movies and shows on Prime Video as well, so it’s not just for shipping.




I get prime every few months, mostly for the video, occasionally for the shopping…


I use prime for shipping (mostly during tax season), video (grand tour), twitch sub for pgp, and prime loot.


I buy so much shit from Amazon that if I didn’t have prime I’d’ve spent way more for shipping alone. It just makes financial sense to do it.


This thread is becoming too mega:

  • Delete
  • Lock
  • Ma-ma-ma-Mega Thread

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It’s not about hardware, and it’s not really mega until “it’s over 9000”… And this one is barely above 1000, so I consider this thread “a thread”…


Should I get a job as a deckhand as a fisherman in Alaska?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Are you fucking crazy?

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if your strong able to do long hrs and hard work then why not, if not able to be prepared for hell while on ship. know your body know your limits big pay is not worth your life.

  • Keep Corsair 750w HX750 (older semi-modular version) 80+ Gold
  • Rebuild PC with Seasonic Prime 850 80+ Platinum

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I have both in hand, no price issues here.


When gaming do you take on multiple games or play a game one game at a time?

  • Multiple games
  • One game at a time

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