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Sound unfulfilling and meaningless.


Sometimes I honestly wonder whether it would be a bad thing if I failed a class and had to wait til the next one to come around (basically a year off of school). I would have time to work on projects I actually want to work on, and I could learn as I go and build my own portfolio. Honestly, the only reason I’m still going is because the navy is paying for it and I get BAH, so I’d lose a significant chunk of my paycheck if I stopped. My paycheck at work is pretty good, but I’d be losing about 1/4 of my total income if I stopped going to school, which is too much. I could still get by just fine, but not as comfortably.


Finish. I quit because the expense outweighs the value. But that’s a pretty good deal if you have no tuition costs.


So you take a shower with what… Blood?


I hear he identifies as the Countess Bathory.

  • I legitimately think I could live longer than a month in a fantasy scenario of zombie outbreak
  • I would like to think I would live longer than a month but I realize it may be difficult/impossible
  • I accept death/becoming zombie (which is still death)

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Fast zombies - Miiiight last more than a month, but maybe not.

Slow zombies - I think I’d be alright.


I know you put it in hide details but do you actually think linking that is the best idea?


Better now?


I don’t know what that was, but thank you.


Scene from Hostel.


Them paying for it is exactly why I joined the Army…
Got two A.A.S. from community college and then finished my B.S. in 2016.


I’ve got literally no food stored up at all, but i do live next door to an orchard. If the appocolypse hits in the fall i suppose i’d be okay.


A thousand other people would think the same thing


bruh it’s literally 10 steps out of my yard i just grab apples then leave.


Bruh the entire goddamn town will come and pick apples and then you don’t have apples.

Hungry masses are spooky


bruh do you think i’m gonna be napping for the entire fucking time? i ain’t gonna wait 24 hours to walk next door.


If I couldn’t survive I’d probably just kill myself/accept death.


  • Lake Time Brewery Peanut Butter Porter
  • Ska Brewing Decadent Imperial IPA

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Better be quick because I deserve a beer right now! Also I have four of the IPA’s, and they’re 10%.

The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?

Go big or go home.