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What? I am typing this on a rig that has a Ryzen CPU and GTX GPU.


He’s just shitposting


Pretty much. For me, it also depends on whether the crust is floppy or not. If it is, I fold it because I don’t want it drooping down and the toppings going everywhere. If it’s not, I don’t fold.

I used to be strictly MP3’s, then strictly Spotify up until a few months ago. Now I’m just using Apple Music. They have all the music that I need, and their UI is much easier to follow IMO. The only thing I miss about Spotify is the playlists. I think Spotify had better playlists, especially when it comes to electronic music. But as far as downloading albums and managing my own music library, I think Apple Music is much better.

You had me until beans. If it were toast, eggs, and bacon, I’d go with that any day. Cereal it is.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo (Really Bing in disguise)
  • AOL (Because the Internet lives on my desktop)
  • Other

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Now I feel dirty…


DuckDuckGo is Bing in disguise?


Porridge (oatmeal) is a cereal.

Cereals can be hot or cold.



I’m probably wrong, but heard it on a JB show, and on Wikipedia it states:

DuckDuckGo’s results are a compilation of “over 400” sources, including Yahoo! Search BOSS; Wikipedia; Wolfram Alpha; Bing

and thought Bing may be more controversial.
I figured Yahoo! is mostly irrelevant now, and WA a bit niche for regular browsing.

I’m welcome to be proven wrong / corrected of course


@DerKrieger @kewldude007 assimilate! Metric is the only way!


So use duckduckgo for porn, got it.


I don’t measure in communism


When was France ever communist?


If he thinks metric is communist, I don’t think telling him the French created the metric system is going to convince him to use it.


It is a play on the measurement of temperature.

Celsius = Communist units
Fahrenheit = Freedom units


I think the guys who helped the US setting up their political system deserve a little more credit.


Well, they didn’t so much help them set it up, so much as they provided them with financial, military, and European political support, but I see what you mean. Anyway, my point (even if @kewldude007’s response was in jest) was an anti-French response was very likely to your suggestion of the metric system.

Very few Americans remember the importance of French involvement in the Revolution…and the irony is, the American Revolution caused the conditions that led to as well as inspired the French to have their own revolution. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


This is mainly pertaining to their OS’s, Cloud Storage, emails, etc.

Who do you distrust the least with your data?

(or in other words, who do you think is the least of three evils when it comes to protecting your privacy)

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

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Apple is pretty vocal about how much they care about privacy, what happens behind the scenes who knows but imo they seem like the best choice.


Basically what I’m thinking too.