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What is most likely to kill?

  • Tobacco.
  • Driving.

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If you have oil or weaponry - USA kills the most…


Reese’s Pieces is the correct answer.


Will we get a lounge thread for april???

  • no
  • no but still hopeful

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it exists, you have to find it


Its not tagged correctly then…



you may want to study the last lounge more closely


You cheeky! MATE!

  • Lounge!
  • Lounge?

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What is the best unit of measurements for tools?

  • Standard.
  • Metric.

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Hell, I push a button on my micrometers and calipers and get either one.

But I do prefer standard.


What should I have for breakfast?

  • Toast with egg & beans
  • Pancakes
  • Porridge
  • Cereal

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10 hours later it’s pointless to vote, but still…
Let’s make a new one :
What should I have for dinner?

  • Orange chicken
  • Chicken with potatoes
  • Chicken bread balls
  • Chicken rice balls
  • Stuffed chicken breast
  • Spicy chicken bites…

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I don’t know if you can tell, but I have some chicken meat I want to deal with before it becomes… undealable…


Beans for breakfast, must be English


But why? FLAC is losseless…and don’t you mean .wav (presumably uncompressed audio)? Do you not trust the codec?


Yup, my bad. I constantly mix them while thinking of the correct one.

I’m a bit of a datahorder. So, to answer this question honestly…

Because I can.
I haven’t double-ripped in a while, though. No need for .wav when it’s just audio dramas.


I like how evenly spread my dinner poll is.
Last time I checked, spicy chicken was leading by a hair, so I made Tso Chicken…

One advice - don’t use dark soy sauce. It colors everything…


Where is the AMD+Nvidia?


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