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Does propane fall under Gas then? It’s not “natural gas” but still a gas I suppose.


All the above…

have a 1992 Nissan NX , 2011 Versa, & a 2016 370Z


wow! your dad is only 23?


Noice! Should have med this one a multiple-choice then. XD


Yup. I’m 32 and he is 23… Paradox wahey…
His car is harvest 95…


Dumb millennial cars and their avocado toast.


i-am looking for a decent car under 1200,-
Trying to find one newer than 2000’s is not that easy…
All are ± 1998. that’s already 20 yr’s old.
So is an 11 year old car really that old to you guys?



Cars age pretty fast in Northern Europe. Normally I wouldn’t recommend getting a car older than 10 years.


You will find cars, but not decent cars for that price.

Anything less than 2k will come with at least some minor issues. Broken window, very old age, rust, etc.

I’m not sure what the weather is like for you right now, but if you just need to get from A to B then a decent moped might be the way to go?


There are actually quite decent cars here.
mainly volkswagen passat / golf like cars or renault’s.
It’s my first car so a little dent or scratch wont matter to me.

-10c at the moment and 20Km’s away.
Public transport takes an hour.
With a car it would take only 20 minutes…

some i found

  • Shop
  • Shoppe

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  • Color
  • Colour

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  • English (color, shop, favorite, etc.)
  • engrish (colour, shoppe, favourite, etc.)

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  • Contrarian
  • Jerk
  • Both
  • Neither

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All 4… Lol

  • Film score
  • Film soundtrack
  • Film music

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Only thing original on my vehicle is the body. And that’s from 1992. i.e. First gen Grand Cherokee. Everything is kited out for Antifa Zombie apocalypses with latch mounts that can fit steel grill on the window’s. Zombie lights. Cummins 4bt engine. 4 wheel drive. Custom bumpers and grill I made. With kevlar A/T tires.


It is annoying because I always spell it as colour or favourite and chrome keeps telling me I am wrong.



You can right click those and select ‘Add to Dictionary’


Shouldn’t there be a British English option though?