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There are certain things you’re going to want filtered out of your water though, such as the stuff Brita filters out and chromium-6, at least if you live in the US. You need a special filter for that shit though and it’s not cheap.


Actually a berkey water filter is better because it has ceramic filters. Because it takes all the contaminates out without compromising the minerals in the water. But I think the one caveat is that you get best results from spring water or well water instead of tap.


Ah yes, I’ve heard of them. But I think a lot of people like the idea of having a pitcher.


Tap water at home (same watershed as Poland Spring/Nestle)

Bottle water at work because it tastes like a fucking swamp there.


And that price tag too :scream:


To be clear… I drink straight from the tap…

But my house is on tank supply… So its all rainwater anyways lol


Ceramic filters.


Simple question.

Natural gas heat VS electric heat.

  • Natural gas heat
  • Electric heat

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  • natural gas
  • wood stove
  • electric heat
  • oil furnace
  • solar roof array
  • geothermal

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That’s not an answer… That is what 90 percent of houses has. Gas or electric.


Electric, because I rent a shitty apartment.

Can’t wait until I’m not poor so I could afford solar panels, maybe a house too.


The Automotive Thread made me curious:

  • New Car (Current Year Model or Last Year’s) 'cause I’m filthy rich… with debt
  • Kinda-Still-New Car (2 - 4 years old)… still got my debt
  • Getting-old Car (5 - 10 years old)
  • Old-ass Car (11 years or older), I’m a Classic

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Where’s “getting old - still got some debt” at?


Old-ass car (11 years or older)…


my car is 16 yo


D’ah, shoot. Was actually gonna write that on the 4th option. Will try to edit after a few!

EDIT: Too late, can’t make any changes anymore ;_;


My father’s 23…


New car because truck was failing and parents sold house and got a new one so some spare cash resulting in new car


If you’re financing, might as well get something untainted.


Got this with a trade in and cash, also year end deal so 20% off