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You can but chocolate, mayonnaise, butter…they don’t hold up very well. Toothpaste on the other hand, has some longevity, for a temporary solution.


It’s the Oral Health Industrial Complex. Get 'em!


Actually Himalayan pink salt, cinnamon powder and baking soda are best for your teeth. And a mouth rinse with Japanese Saki is much better as well.


PC on floor or on table/desk.

  • Table
  • Floor

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It was on the desk until I went full pixel whore


PC on floor since i was a kid. some times no desk just tower KBM and CRT screen. oh first civilization how do i miss the mass unit stacking and wiping the board.


Get a small lamp table.


No one is forcing you not to put your monitor on your pc.


Not enough room


I was talking about improvised thermal compound, but this thing about brushing your teeth with salt…how is that even possible? Wouldn’t the salt dissolve in your mouth? How much salt do you need to brush, and wouldn’t this raise your sodium intake?


Actually the pink salt well give a good ph balance. And you get essential minerals from it.


Hate to be a downer but your body already does this. If it didn’t you’d die.


I was referring to the mouth. And it’s only supplemental as a cleaning solution.


Had me scared there. There’s a guy that goes to my gym who seems normal enough until he starts talking about his home water filtration system that levels out body pH. Also that’s what’s wrong with the country, we’re all too acidic :joy:

Edit wrong thread :confused:


water people drink

  • tap water like from the sink
  • tap water like from the sink but with a filter of some sort to filter out the gay frogs
  • fridge water dispenser
  • bottled water because the government puts estrogen in the water to keep the population docile and the frogs gay
  • I live in the Bay Area and I buy Raw Water™ at the farmers market for $39/gallon
  • [random marketing name here] branded water
  • I dont trust liquid water so I moved to Siberia and quench my thirst exclusively by eating permafrost.
  • I dont consume water by itself, it must be in the form of tea, carbonated beverage, coffee, some form of alcoholic drink or I will die

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Actually he is not wrong to do that. But I just eat blueberry’s and grapes and try not to drink a lot of coffee.


Used to put it on the floor til I got my Thermaltake Core V21. I prefer it on the desk. Much easier to manage peripherals.

I used to not drink water, until I started having problems peeing.

Now I mostly drink bottled water (favorite is Smart Water or Aquafina) and I have a Brita because the tap water tastes like chlorine (probably gay frogs) and the fridge water tastes weird even after replacing the filter and it’s not worth the time and effort to check the rest of the system.


If you don’t drink enough water you can have problems with your heart.


His filtration is doing jack squat for his body pH. He might feel good about himself but it’s generally useless. Humans (most animal life not water-bound really) are pretty resilient.


Well no duh. Because you would need a reverse osmosis machine for that. But that would be worse because it takes out all the minerals from tap water. And can increase the risk of having a seizure.