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[POLL] Question to users about how you read this forum


On mobile so it’s hard to quote.

But I actually really like your first point. If what it takes for people to create good threads is a pin on latest, let’s do it.


Oh is that what this is about? I would prefer that pins be used for important topics that the admins want everybody to see, server maintenance, critical bugs for the IT guys that post here, FAQs/wiki articles/guides, etc, not just generic “this was a good post”. But I can deal with whatever since I can just un-pin myself.


I’ll try to put some of your worries to rest. I do understand that they are “soft” worries so obviously this is just conversation, and I’m not trying to argue with you because you have valid points.

We have a limit for how many pins we generally allow, so if people want to compete to have great threads in order to get them pinned, I say let them. They wont all be pinned, but more good content is better, imo.

It’s two clicks, just like it would be if you no longer wanted to follow a thread, so I don’t think it’s too much effort if it really bothers someone that much.

We’ve had pinning for a while now (since L1T began) and this hasn’t been a problem. If it becomes an apparent problem, it’ll be dealt with.

There’s no limit of threads that you can view. Just because you look at one, doesn’t mean another can’t be looked at. Would be like saying you could only look at the first topic you see on the forum, and every other post gets ignored because one post is newest.

If someone sees a topic is pinned and ignores it without even looking at the topic just in spite, that’s on them.


Global pins are for just this. “Post highlight” pins are in the categories that they were posted under.


The difference is subtle; as I read Latest and don’t mute any forums, any new posts will show up in the Latest view anyway. I haven’t tested it but I expect I’d see those pins too and have to un-pin them. Not a big deal if it’s a couple per week at most.



Thats a slippery slope though. What exactly is a good thread?

I agree but its also nice to give something to those that go above and beyond for a thread. Like Heimdallr’s recent post about wifi and explaining some of the science behind it. Thats deserving of some love IMO.

This reply is also just conversation, not an argument to your equally good point:

It would be incredibly immature to get upset that your possibly ‘great thread’ didnt get pinned… that said there is usually always someone fanny frustrated about something in the world. I dont think the current strategy should change to satisfy a minority, though I can see this causing some level of frustration.

This is absolutely true, but I think the poll shows most people view latest only and that pin is like a flair for the thread in a way. It draws your attention… you want to know why the thread was pinned. So far this is a good thing in my eyes because IMO good judgement has been made on what threads are good.

Hypothetical that will likely never occur:

One (day/week/month) a >insert unusually high number< of really great threads are created. Do they all get pins? Well if there is an artificial limit to them, probably not, right?

Does that detract from the attention of the thread? Well, I dont know. We’re guessing without any actual data.

Unlike most I can get away with dicking around on the forums at work. If I had less time though I might only spend my time in a hand full of threads. Whos to say what I would have looked at without the newly pinned stuff.

At this point I’m arguing something neither of us can prove one way or the other so I’ll probably leave it at that. I just like to argue, man.

I wont bother with the other stuff because its either not arguable in my eyes or relies on faith of the mods to ‘do the right thing’.


There is no definition and there should not be.

I was waiting for this, and my response is that the users I would favoritise towards hardly make threads because we are all lounge rats

Surprised no one called me out for globally pinning this one crying admeen aboose, however, it’s this


Its necros all over again /s


not saying it is right or wrong but phantom covered my thoughts spot on here.


Only Global pins appear at the top on “latest”, as shown in the screenshot I took above. Non-global pins are only at the top of their own category.

If all pins were at the top of “latest” then I’d agree with everyone and say it were a problem, lol.


Thats not what I meant by that… excuse my wording. I was meaning when a thread is on latest and it has that pin icon (regardless of where it appears in the latest list) it draws your attention. I know thats why I clicked on them at least.


Ohhh, my apologies, I see.


Gotcha, thanks. I had never tested it, and that cuts to the crux of your argument here. In that case sure, category specific pins are clearly the way to go.





As one of the only people who voted they use a Category View, I can say that I do so because it provides subforum statistics and the latest in specific categories bubble to the top.

The desktop version also shows the ‘latest’ thread activity that most people use by default too. This isn’t the case for mobile as its a bit clunky so I normally just stick to the leader lounge when on my phone and listen for anyone tagging me or PM’s.

Category View provides the best high-level forum overview IMO. Allowing me to view less ‘popular’ threads; which I think is important because a lot of threads get buried.


one if your on the homepage :woman_shrugging:


This forum is too small to use categories considering I visit daily so I always use most recent.


I always view by category because every forum out there has made it standard practice to haze you if you post “off topic” or don’t follow some nuance of their specific community.

I find L1 forums difficult to navigate in that respect so I don’t visit as often as I could.