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[POLL] Question to users about how you read this forum


and that isnt what this thread is about, its for how you browse the forum, not how you prefer pins


Thanks @Goalkeeper and @kewldude007 — I didn’t know that was possible.

The point still stands, though. If I’m interested in a topic I’ll read and follow it (which this nice system automatically does for me). If I’m not interested then I won’t read it and it will go away — like it should. Seems like that system is working perfectly fine to me.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I don’t see what problem the extra pinning is fixing. It’s merely amplifying the personal interests (pushing the personal agendas) of those with pinning privileges. How does the community benefit from that?


Correct. It is 100% my subjective opinion whether or not I pin something

this is more of those leader guidelines that are not public


Pinning highlights a particularly interesting thread, or a thread that has potential but could see some more love. If you don’t like them, just unpin them.

Can't unpin a certain post in Latest

My order of operations:

  • Notifications
  • New
  • Unread
  • Close tab


Eventually, we’ll have someone who’s stitched together the entire handbook from our screenshots.


you’d think discourse would be more self documenting


It is, but I was talking about the slow leak of internal documents to the public. :stuck_out_tongue:




@kewldude007 keep doing what your doing ( has little impact and those who do not like it know how to make it go away.) all aboard the guess that pin train.


Globally pin everything.

The beauty of Discourse is that each individual user can un-pin topics for themselves only, whenever they want. I suggest including a little note saying “Hey, you can click the thumbnail icon to un-pin this.” in every pinned topic, that’s what I do on the Discourse I admin.


The reason I don’t do that is so users are not constantly having to unpin threads to clear out their latest feed. Categories are a different story because we have 67 of them.

It’s a compromise between “Don’t tread on me” and “All your pins are belong to us”


From the poll literally zero people use the categories view exclusively, and less than half use it at all. I don’t have any categories muted here, so I would see everything in the latest view anyway. So would pretty much everybody else unless they mute a category, and in that case they didn’t want to see it in the first place.

I would only bother pinning to specific categories if they’re restricted, say you have a category for Patreon supporters only or something. Otherwise it’s just mental overhead that won’t actually change how most people use the forum.


Administratively it’s useful asit will tell you how many threads are pinned globally or in a category before you pin them. Since there are a number of pinned topics in categories if these were global it woudo say there are 50 pinned topics when in reality 48 of them are unpinned for most people now.


From my perspective these pins are only for new users


They are in order of latest reply.
In order of creation is only on new.
New threads can be buried fast on latest.


I agree with this somewhat but so far even when the topic isnt necessarily relevant to me its usually obvious the OP has put some effort into their post. I dont know how I feel about it yet exactly but I think a good post should be rewarded in some way.

Given that the pins (so far) are temporary I think I’m ok with it. The content of said pinned threads has been pretty good. I think frequency matters here a lot as well. If temp pinning is happening in threads often that could start to become more of an annoyance.


Again, you can un-pin topics yourself. If you see a pinned topics for weeks, it’s because you wanted it there or didn’t know about unpinning in Discourse. And now you do.


Generally not more than a few days, and generally when someone sees something they think is well done and a portion of the community would appreciate. And I think it’s a nice gesture to the creator.

The blender thread for example I thought was a great idea and some people may like to join in and not miss it so I pinned it for a couple days over the weekend until Monday.

For more community/L1 focused topics these may be pinned for longer.


For the most part I agree with everything but there are definitely ways I can think of where this is not good.

  • it could set the expectation of good thread = pin
  • it means you have to unpin the topic if you dont want to see it
  • it opens up the possibility of favoritism
  • it could unnecessarily draw attention away from other threads which could have also been very good
  • those against the idea might dismiss a topic they would have otherwise been involved with

inb4 you dont know that

This is all conjecture in my head. I’m not saying this will happen.