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[POLL] Question to users about how you read this forum


In the past it has been suggested to me by moderators to periodically (when I feel like it) pin threads for whatever reason whether I think its constructive, a public service announcement etc.

My question is my methods

What I plan on doing is pinning threads to their respective categories because if I globally pin everything to get it at the top of Latest it will fill up quickly and I don’t want that

What I want to know is, how many of you actually go into categories and browse them specifically or just scroll through Latest until you find whatever you are looking for

I am pinning these threads in hopes they get more exposure without pinning them globally because I already know that works


Do you only browse


Or do you specifically browse certain categories (for example) Hardware

the second red circle is what I am getting at with this proposed pinning

I am not the only leader that can do this, the others can as well but I like jumping into the unknown sometimes.


  • Latest only
  • Specific categories only
  • mix of both

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If I’m bored or just on in general to see whats going on then I usually just scroll through latest. Most of the time I’m in the specific categories are either because i need help or I’m looking for something.

Why am I typing this again as nobody will read this and It’s just a simple question


Neither. I stick to either “new” or “unread” and only switch to the other one when new threads come up. I don’t see the purpose of “latest” to be honest.


Hello new guy


I only go into categories if I have something specific to find or to say and wanna know if it exits. If I can’t find it easily in the category I search.

Usually though I just scroll latest to see what are people talking about.


Ello there!


Muted things what really arent for me, then I’ll take the rest as they bump up


I personally give most threads a peek to see whats going on, new threads are in latest as well, in the order they are created obviously.


Personally I only look at New and Unread.


these results are more interesting than I anticipated


I read latest only and my vote would be to pin within categories.


Indeed, time will tell though it’s interesting to see an even split between the two and none for the third option


As long as I can keep on muting everything goes, the only reason I’m checking latest is for potential new muted threads :joy:


Sure, but it’s less obvious whether something interesting has happened. I only check the forum when the favicon shows me that a topic I care about has updated.


This doesn’t work when browsing “latest” because the favicon displays updated topics even when you aren’t following them.


I hit new instead of latest, never use categories


Pinned topics are someone else’s idea of what is interesting or relevant — not mine. If I’ve already deemed a topic irrelevant, I’d prefer not having that topic shoved in my face for days/weeks after the fact.

Pinning anything but important administrative posts merely creates noise — it should thus be avoided. Transient topical stuff should never be pinned.

The poll was missing a “None of the above” option. I vote for that.


You can unpin things if you wish to.


You can unpin them manually for each thread, that is the only option, seeing how the poll is going I plan on continuing what I am starting to do


I generally look at the top 10 in latest but I am often also looking at hardware or audio specifically. So sometimes I just lork it to those.