POLL + Q&A | Is installing software ( fresh install ) on Fedora 35 easier than previous releases?

Is installing software ( fresh install ) on Fedora 35 easier than previous releases?
  • I haven’t noticed ( Don’t use software center )
  • I haven’t done a fresh install
  • Yes ! Super easy ( It’s a toggle now ) :tada:
  • Yes ! It’s easier ( toggle ), but doesn’t work as expected 🤷🏾

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Please share your experience in the comments. . . I will update this with some interesting results from a " User Experience " group for a project I am working on.

Thanks !

Lost power during upgrade (brownout) so had to do a fresh install LOL

Seems like for many people the non-free options would be enough. For me, it didn’t have all the packages I wanted so I ended up enabling the full FlatHub repo (removed the Fedora curated one) and RPM-fusion manually anyway.

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Did you use the default fs, now btrfs? With btrfs you stand a good chance of just booting to something else, trashing the failed install, snapshot the snapshot from before the upgrade, and run the upgrade again.

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It’s great that you noticed that the “Third party Repo” option is actually curated. We have an initial group who were coming from Windows /MacOS environments and their first reaction to a bare Software Center was :

"Why allow Third party Repos, and not allow me to install Spotify 😵‍💫 ?! "

But this lead to more intriguing questions…

"Are they sponsored by BitWarden ? KeepassXC is OpenSource too! "

We could use Elements OOTB and that is Open Source, but Microsoft Teams is OOTB ?

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Its a corporate product and it reflects corporate values (not necessarily bad).

Spotify (and KeePassXC) has a flatpak. And RedHat people developed flatpak.

Bitwarden and MS Teams are used in a corporate setting so the people using Fedora likely has to use these as well.

um… There’s a HUGE misconception I hear a lot and it’s reflected in what you said. Yes, Red Hat developed Flatpak, but just because an application is flatpak, that does not mean Red Hat/Fedora are behnd it’s development.

As a matter of fact, Flathub is a project outside of the scope of RedHat/Fedora and they do not “ship” flatpaks that are not explicitly packaged by their team. Hence why Flathub is a 3rd party site and it’s packages are treated a such.

Fedora packaged Flatpaks do not appear within the Flathub store.

While this is true, they do encourage Free and Open Source software. MS Teams , Discord are not… So having FOSS software discoverable alongside these would make more sense and not filter these out unless you install the repo yourself…

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I did not intend to mislead, its just that you are already installing Spotify and since the source isnt available for that, to my understanding, only spotify could ever package the thing.

I was also aware that the maintainer of the flatpaks in the flathub is not necesarily the maintainer of the software. There is still due diligence needed in using any software.

I think it was Spotify that kicked me over actually :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t (still isn’t, but I didn’t do due diligence here) clear to me what benefit Fedora curated Flatpaks have over Flathub. Sponsorship is one possibility, and corporate greed knows no bounds, but it’s a strange move for a FOSS operating system. I’m just doing personal use, not for work, so any “support” or sponsorship isn’t that a big deal to me.

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The project I am working on, management will now allow employees to stream Spotify. So naturally , the employees asked if they could have it installed on their machines. When they entered “Spotify” in Software manager, only to see it didn’t come up, left them very confused.

Isn’t Spotify on Flathub?, Didn’t I just toggle to allow Third Party Software?

I’m not accusing The Fedora Project of allowing Corporate sponsorship in the inclusion of third party software, but curating the third party repo to only allow 5 app seems nonsensical.


My reasoning for this post, was to point out a placebo, that it is easier to install apps on Fedora now that the Third Party Repos toggle is available on first boot, our User Experience is up to 500+ people. It has gone well after this “Blip”, fortunately due in part to availability of software and the desire to work with open source software readily available :

Reviewing this option, it enables RPMFusion (Steam, Nvidia) Google-Chrome & Flathub (Zoom, MS Teams, Bitwarden, Postman, Discord, Skype, Minecraft)

When you activate Third Party Repos , Fedora is curating the Third party Apps that come through. Creating confusion among the users wondering if they had actually activated the toggle. Also, forcing them to go to the Flathub site and have to enable the Flathub repo, that’s supposedly already enabled ! :sweat_smile:

Fedora needs to fix this…

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