Poll: KDE or GNOME

  • KDE


GNOME just seems easier to navigate and the desktop is pretty.

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Honestly, it's too much of a walled garden for me (that and the interface is just rubbing me the wrong way), KDE seems to be much less annoying to use, even better if you gnow (ha ha) the shortcuts.

If you had gnome 1 listed I would say 1 xD

No love for i3 ?

Between those 2?

KDE then.

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GNOME. Iike KDE, but the animations make it feel slow to me. If there's a way to turn it off I'd be willing to try it again, but I like that I don't really have to configure anything for GNOME except set it to the dark theme. I like being able to hit the Win key and have it show all my windows and search for apps and stuff. Once again, I'm sure you could configure other DE's to do it, but GNOME does it straight out of the box.

I do not like the new versions of gnome. I like old gnome.

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I'm for Gnome, I've used it for about a year now.

Try out Budgie-Desktop. (t's lightweight and is dependant on a lot of GNOME Features. it's also very minimal.

Gnome is fine, it's KDE that feels slow to me.

gnome here, plus it gets you used to what the enterprise runs, IMO (when not headless).

I have used Gnome for quite a few years now. I liked the 2.x gnome a lot, and was very disappointed with the first few iterations of 3.x. But it has become very nice over the years. It just feels so streamlined and simple to use. The dark theme is amazing, the UX is extremely smooth and simple. It's a nice balance between easy and powerful. It just works.

I have used KDE a bunch of times over the years, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth. Before the new version (5.x plasma) it felt (and looked) very old fashioned. It felt slow and unresponsive, and you had to tinker with it too much to get it to work right. Plasma is definitely a step in the right direction. It looks fantastic, but when I tried it sometime after it was released it was extremely buggy and still suffered from the same problems: it felt slow and you still had to tinker to get it right. There's still something that just doesn't feel right. I could never put my finger on it, and still can't.

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After, back in time when the transition from gnome to gnome shell happened, avoiding gnome shell like the plague, looking at all DEs, WMs I found that, I settled with gnome shell, with some tweaks to make it look to my liking, and since than I am honestly realy happy with it.

I guess i could do with anything much lighter, as I do most of my navigation with A) shortcuts B) searchfield C) bash .. but still I like gnome-shell

KDE has always been the best for work in my experience. Cinnamon comes in second.

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Same. Don't like gnome 3. Gnome 2 was awesome.

I find GNOME best for what I do so thats why I use it.

Out ouf the two I'd say Gnome, which is kind of like my home (its the most familiar DE) as I've got the most experience with it. I recently tried KDE as well though now I'm on LXQt but I still havent found the "perfect" DE.

Yes i agree with this.
I personaly dont realy like the way they went with Gnome 3.x.
Of course you could tweak it allot, but out of the box its not my cup of tea.
A bar on the top and a icon bar on the side, and if you click on the application menu,
you get that workspace switcher on the right, it realy makes no sense to me.
This is basicly the same kind of issue i have with Mate.
Allthough Mate has allot of realy nice feutures and configuration options.
But to me out of the box you get that dual bar which looks awfull imo.
I have used Ubuntu Mate allot, but i use the simplefied redmund theme pretty much.
But its of course all a personal opinnion.
Everyone has their own preference of DE, @CynicRF told me to look into LXQT.
And to my suprise it looks that have come a very long way with that DE.
I´m exaly kinda suprised about it.


Coming from Windows 7 and Windows 10 which version would I most likely be most comfortable with?