Polk Monitor 5JR's are broken :(

My dad had some rather aging Polk Monitors in his basement, since he's moving he gave them to me. Right now I have some even older Kef Coda III's, which sound amazing. So anyway, I went to play my new Windir album through the Polks, only to find out that the left tweeter was producing no sound. This pissed me off beyond belief, since those were great speakers, I have not found any website with a replacement tweeter, and I do not intend to spend a lot of money on this. So if anyone has a replacement tweeter, or knows where I can get one, that would be freaking awesome.
    A side note would be that I am only half sure they are 5JR's, since all the back says is Monitor series. I deducted that they were 5JR's because of the passive radiator at the bottom of the speaker. Here is an image I found on Google that looks like what I have, the only difference is that my speakers have a Silver Coil dome tweeter.

EDIT It appears I have located some Silver coil domes from a website I have never heard of. I'm going to give it a try anyway, the website is www.wensy.com. If anyone has heard of this before let me know please!