Polaris Civil War - Anyone Watching?

Just curious if anyone is watching the Polaris Civil War. For those who don't know, Polaris is a gaming-related content network that is made up of some of the most popular youtube channels channels such as Angry Joe, Totalbiscuit, PewDiePie, and Yogscast to name a few. They are having a "civil war" right now that's being sponsored by Full Sail University, where various channels fight against each other in gaming competition. One side dubbed "House Biscuit" is being led by Totalbiscuit, while the "Angry Army" is being led by Angry Joe. Jesse Cox is the "commissioner". Thankfully PewDiePie is not involved, which makes things much better :)

So far, they've had a channel draft, where TB and Angry Joe picked their teams and faced off in the first challenge: Chivalry Medieval Warfare :)

Draft Videos

Match #1: Chivalry video:

So far things have been pretty fun to watch. I guess it is more fun if you are subbed to some of the channels that are involved, so it might not be as exciting to some folks.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone is watching and/or subbed to any folks from Polaris.

Go House Biscuit!

Also, here's the two propaganda videos: