Pokemon X and Y

So, who is waiting for this game to come out?!

I challenge you to a battle. Which are you getting and what starter are you going with?

I am going to pick Fennekin and I got Pokemon X!

I think I might do Froakie, because his final evolution is a water/dark, which could be quite intense, if his stats are good. But I think overall, I will probably go Chespin because I like his look the best. Reminds a bit of Oshawott.

I'm for sure getting this game. I think i'm getting Y 

But what does the fox say........?

I'm probably going to buy a 3ds this week so i can get this game, it looks awesome. Anyone have any recommendations for other 3ds games to get?

will it work on the ds?


3ds exclusive

Fire Emblem Awakening, Harvest Moon A new Beginning, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Shin Megami Soul Hackers, VIrtue's Last Reward, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow .
I really recommend, Soul Hackers, Harvest Moon and Fire Emblem. 

So i just got my copy of Pokemon X!

Getting Pokemon X, starting with Fennekin. I usually start with a water type out of tradition, but this generation around, Fennekin was the least lame looking out of the starters.

Willing to exchange friend codes. Mine is 5370-1445-0041

I added you. Let me know through there or on Steam if you want to battle! I'm going Chespin, but Froakie looks great as his final evolution is going to be a Water/Dark. Which Pokemon games do you have now?

My friend code is: 2019-9730-4071

I picked Chespin and I named him Lando. He is mine and I love him.

Mine is 2981 6598 1315  - Björn

Add me guys! So we can trade pokemanz and battle. :D 

How did you get yours if the global release date is in 2 days?

Micromania called me today while I was in school and told me it was ready. i went and asked the guy about it and he said, that he didn't care, the box came in today and decided to sell them. Was I going to say no?

I will need to wait till monday -.-!

I'm talking about the three starters specifically. Don't care for the other two of X and Y.