POE EOP ungodly creation?

So here is the problem/issue that I have encountered a couple of times. I am at a job and the customer does not want to install an etherenet network but still wants to cover the whole place with wifi. I dont want to to make a mesh network or a bunch bridges because things. The Aps usually support POE and there are also these consumer level power-line networks there these little


so what I end up doing is dropping some of these and some power-line networks and a poe injector on the side
so what I want is one a poe injector that can also make a power-line network an all in one solution so I dont have a bunch of adapter on on more adapter I was wondering if you all had seen something like this.

I doubt something like this will ever be made. Not only because PoE is used for real networks while EoP is used for lazy home networks. But simply because if you're using EoP then you have a power point close to the device you need to power. So there really is no market for something like this.


Just in case some one was wondering i did find a a couple but i have not tried any out