Can anyone recommend any good free podcasts to listen to? If I listen to a podcast (normally whilst driving long distance or in a vehicle all day for work), I normally listen to a podcast in the comedy genre, the most obvious ones being the Ricky Gervais podcasts. Now that I've pretty much listened to them all, I'm looking for something else, not necessarily tech related, just anything interesting or funny.

Any suggestions?


Here are some I think are quite good,

What's Tech - A show about technology, they done things like smart phones, vaping, drones and other stuff. Sounds a little basic but its cool to listen to and you'll probably learn a thing or two you didn't know before.

The Vergecast - The Verges podcast, pretty cool for catching up on weekly tech stuff.

Criminal - Short stories about weird criminals/ crimes. Awesome production and the stories are crazy.

Here are two that are just amazing in my opinion.

Dan Carlins Hardcore History - An amazing podcast about history, production value is amazing and its interesting as hell. Currently doing a series of the WW1.

Dan Carlins Common Sense - Talking about real world events ie, Ukraine, Police violence and such pretty American base news but its also very interesting.

Just about anything from Jupiter Broadcasting. PC Perspective Podcast, Casual Shenanigans Gaming podcast. This Week in Compute Hardware (TWiCH)

Car Talk - a couple of MIT graduates answer caller's (mechanical, practical and sometimes philosophical) questions about their cars, often with a lot of self-deprecating humor. One of them died this last year, but they continue to put repeats up every week. They've been on the radio for years, so there are plenty of episodes that many people haven't heard yet.

Drunken Peasants is my go to ATM however I loved Nation of Gamers back in the day.

I listen to quite a few podcasts myself. Here are the ones I really enjoy

  • Co-optional Podcast (games and the industry of the week)
  • TOVG Podcast (various PC and console games)
  • The Dexcast (Pokémon; even decent for non-Pokémon fans)
  • Continuecast (older games and some newer indie titles; currently on hiatus)
  • Paranoia Shoppe (fun discussion of dark/mysterious topics)
  • Goosebuds (reviews the Goosebumps series)
  • Cinephilia Anonymous (deep discussion of various old and new films)
  • Welcome to Night Vale (more of an internet radio play than anything; weird and narrative)

Thanks for the suggestions, these podcasts look great, definitely going to listen to that criminal podcast @Norcarna

Another good comedy podcast is Rhod Gilbert best bits, it comes out every saturday.

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I'm partial to the Rooster Teeth podcast. It's pretty funny and the topics are just about everywhere.

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"This is Only a Test" - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBCD8C772B476DC09

"The Roosterteeth Video Podcast" - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBVPK8x-XMjKAxGCwhQ2WxTvfqX8qRku

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If you like funny podcasts then you've probably already listened to Comedy Bang Bang, but I recommend that along with U Talkin' U2 To Me?

I have really been enjoying the Dan Carlin stuff, Jupiter Broadcasting, and Criminal thus far :D

Oh man I love Click and Clack, I used to listen to them with my dad. Sad to hear one of them died.

If you like comedy podcasts involving an idiot and two other guys, give The Big Three Podcast a try.
It is pretty important to start at the beginning (or with the TV Movie "Windy City Heat" comedy central put out in the 90s), as it has a ton of running jokes that can come off as way more offensive than they really are if you don't know the characters.


maddox's podcast it is pretty hilarious ,I have been listening for a long time now.

and co-optional ofc then there is some sporadic ones that I wouldn't recommend , because they aren't good almost every episode

Serial (he probably did it...)
Radio 4 Comedy Of The Week
Friday Night Comedy
WTF (listening about comedians careers and who they "came up" with is a yawn but he did have Obama on there a while ago which was different)
The Infinite Monkey Cage (funny science with that northern pop bloke and comedians and proper profs)
The Naked Scientists (science with science people only(not funny))
The Blame Game (Irish comedy)
No Such Thing As A Fish (the QI research teams podc.)
The Bugle (The English guy from The Daily Show and Helen from Answer Me This' brother)
Answer Me This
The Comedy Button (American Nintendo brats all grown up chatting)
Comedy Bang Bang (My favorite, Improv/interview thing, HEY NONGMAN!) and other Earwolf podcasts
(like) How Did This Get Made (bad movies take a bashing)
Not Too Deep

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Just wanted to add another couple of podcasts I've really been enjoying. Both are high fantasy radio dramas and are hilarious

Tales from the Tavern
Hello from the Magic Tavern

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Hello Internet - CGPGrey & Brady Haran - TwoDudes Talking genre, its mostly random bits of news and random bits of their own interests and personal lives.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind has been a great listen as well. Discussions about the various sciences with a bit of humor :3


Good thread! I tend to listen to podcast of Mac users who are pissed off at Apple as of Late LOL. Don't kill the messanger. I love the devlis advicant Leo Leport on "Mac Break Weekly" youtube. google. and um. yeh I know mac. but look him up, PC Pi name it on his site. and is the grangfather of streaming and podcasting.

you want to here about security.. Security Now on Twit.. yep.. The Tek recomended his software app without knowing jack shit about the dude.