PLZ HELP 1070 or

Hi there I want to buy my partner a new gpu but she mainly uses her computer as a workstation using unity and blender and those other programs , she is studying game development , i have enough cash for a 1070 should i just get one of these or is there new mid quadro cards coming out , what should i do plz any info on this topic would be helpful as i know squat about making workstations

current specs are
4790k @ 4.5 (can go 4.8 stable ) water cooled
16 gb 2x8 2600 mhz ripjaw gskill ram
she has z chipset ( i think ) on mobo (she can overclock)
500 gb ssd
windforce gtx 670 2 gb , overclocked a lil bit

The 1070 is probably your best bet. The quadro and firepro cards at this price point are shite and the programs you listed don't really require a workstation-esq card. On the AMD side there is also the Fury X which performs similarly although slower in DX11 titles.

So grab her a 1070 and some more ram , would she be using a workstation card in the future ? and is there a mobo i can get that will support 2x 4790 k ? trying to make it some what future proof

I would actually recommend the GTX 980ti.

Gaming performance is like 5% slower than the 1070, but it has almost 1000 more cuda cores which should make a pretty noticeable difference in blender.

cuda is faster for blender.

IDK about unity though.

im positive the 1070 is better than a 980 ti , just in every area

I'd wager the 8GB of VRAM and higher clockspeeds of the 1070 would make a bigger difference than the extra cuda cores.

Probably not. Games in general don't need workstation features to develop or run. If she was doing 3D modeling maybe, but probably not.

The 4790k is a single socket only part, so no motherboard is going to support two of them. In future when you want to upgrade way down the line you can go with a more major overhaul using a motherboard and Cpu's that support multi-socket configurations but for what she's doing right now its probably not needed. Also, going dual socket and cpu is very expensive.

The 980 Ti does actually have a large advatage in cuda core count so it isn't so cut in dry in this case, although the difference is probably minimal one way or the other due to clock speed difference's and the extra VRAM on the 1070.

Actually I found this site here

A second gtx 670 would actually blow the 1080 out of the water.

but the 1070 has more 6.5 TFLOPs as to the ti's 5.63 TFLOPS less power and many more advantages , i also cant rely on that chart as people could have different systems unreliable coming from a gaming perspective

Tera-flops of single precision performance don't determine much of anything TBH. The 980 Ti has more cuda core's which is why @Tjj226_Angel is recommending it, and on the benchmark's for Blender the 980 Ti and 1070 are actually tied.

would it be worth saving for a titan x? i haven't herd too much good stuff on the x tbh )

but i think im going for the 1070

no. The 1070 is really the sweet spot card in the Gtx 1000 series lineup. Go higher and the returns are not linear with the increased money put in. The 1080 is really as high as I would personally be able to ever justify spending.

I agree thanks for confirming my thoughts , i am very happy with my 1070 sea hawk , and if we break up the i will have 2 =P jks

you can have a 1070 and a quadro card right ? just set one for phsx ? just in case