PLZ ADVICE BUY Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 XTREME Gaming 4GB GDDR5 OR ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Core Edition PLZ I NEED HELP ?

PLZ ADVICE BUY Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 XTREME Gaming 4GB GDDR5 OR ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Core Edition PLZ I NEED HELP ??????????

390, 125% more VRAM, more performance, and potentially better DX12 support

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the R9 390 is a better GPU dude.. id recommend it


thank you ill see what is this can do :)

This is 380$... For 380$ you cam get 390X, that is way faster than both 970 GPUs and the 390... It is slightly slower than GTX980... But way cheaper...

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the R390x it is not faster from these two

the 390 and 390x is much faster then these two, and its benchmarked higher since it released.

Core Clock: 1050 MHz (Silent Mode), 1080 MHz (Gaming Mode), 1100 MHz (OC Mode) THE R390X
1664 CUDA cores 256-bit memory bus Engine clock (base): 1228 MHz / (boost): 1380 MHz Memory clock: 7200 MHz THE ZOTAC
HOW it is faster ???

I'm sorry, I know that those two are OC to the EXTREME, but trust me, 390X wipes the floor with 970... Hell, 390 outperforms 970 most of the times, and 390X is way faster than 390... On top of that I am talking about Sapphire Trix 390X here. It is OC as well... It blows 970 out of the water for the price dude. Sorry. There could be an argument if the 970 XTREME was cheaper. For the same price - no... 390X all the way...
Edit: it is faster performance wise. Not frequency wise. The frequency does not matter when we compare Nvidia vs Amd. The framerate is important, and framerate wise, 390X is faster than 970.

the title of this thread is the most fucking annoying thing to read.
OP please use less capslock and shorter titles.

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OP decided already, so the thread is now pointless. Can just lock it instead of changing the title.

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if their is another suggestion then plz give it

390x is the best option right now. They are on sale too, so go for it so long as your psu can handle it.

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Buying a 390X over a 390 doesnt make much sense at all tbh.
The performance diffrence between the 390 and the 390X is simply too small to justify the extra cost.
Unless the 390X is on sale and only cost a few bucks more.
The normal price of the 390X is over $400,- and thats simply not worth it.

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I agree. However, the 970s he is looking at, cost the same as the 390X... Meaning 370-380$... And for 380$ I'd rather get 390X than 970... No matter the overclock...

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Yes i agree there.
But there are of course cheaper GTX970´s out there.

In terms of a GTX970 vs 390, that highly depends on the games you play.
In allot of games the 390 seems to do slightly better.
But there are also games in which the GTX970 is slightly better, like hairworks and gameworks titles.
So it depends allot from game to game, and the most important thing is which particular games you play.

Both cards have their pro´s and con´s, the GTX970 has 4GB of vram on the board, but only 3.5GB can realy be conciderd as fully usable.
The other 512MB is simply too slow, because of a hardware constuction fault and can´t be fixed.
On the otherhand the GTX970 is ofc more power efficient.

The R9-390 has 8GB of vram, performs slightly better in allot of games.
But it consumes more power.

I would recommend a 390 over a 970, unless you play mostly Nvidia Hairworks or Gameworks titles.

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what type i buy msi Radeon R9 390X 8GB GDDR5 or Sapphire Radeon R9 390X 8GB GDDR5 ???

Both are decent.

If we talk about the Msi 390X Gaming vs the Sapphire 390X TriX OC.
Then the Sapphire anyday, the Sapphire is higher clocked, and it has the better cooling unit on it.

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what abut ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 390X Overclocked 8 GB

The cooler on that card sucks.
Asus still hasnt fixed the issues with their cooler on AMD hawai cards.

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