Plug and Play SSD?

Hey guys, there was a recent commercial that introduced the plug and play ssd. Required no reformat and reinstallation. What was it called?

I really would prefer not to have to reformat my system just to use 60 Gb of ssd cacheing potential.

Thanks, MegaDove

wait... why would you need to format?

SATA is plug and play, so you would just connect the drive and it would work. the only time you would need to format is if you were putting windows onto your ssd, and even then you could just image the drive using linux or something.

  I believe if you are going to use a SSD you will have to change the set up in your BIOS for proper garbage clean up or your SSD will slow down. Check Newegg videos on SSD installations. I have a Kingston Hyper X and a Crucial both 128Gb.

I bought an ADATA 120g after i spotted it on the TEK. On my c2d e7200 on an asus p5kpl-cm this (board has both IDE and sata 3g/s conectors) installed win7 64bit ran sweet for about 2 hrs but just as i went to create img for back up it whet sideways BSOD reset and bios didnt see it reset again and boom there it is but kept getting this same pattern i did some searching and chalked it up to it didnt like the controler or the chipset. ncix took it back, how ever thier tech sugested perhaps a crucial or intel i figgerd intel chipset intel SSD so the 520 120g was on for around 140.00 picked 1 up plugged in did a fresh win7, instaled the tool box checked firmware all upto date its been a few months and everything is awesome boots up in 45sec and just alot quicker cant wait to try one on sata 6g/s.

ie, change all the modes to AHCI or anything with AHCI. This mode will also give performance increase, apart from P&P capability and other features it have.