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Pls help with Stutter Issues :{


Okay so hello ive been dealing with stuttering Issues i don’t know what do anymore also i think i have a good pc

yet games are just not smooth temps are good and i updated all drivers/bios :frowning:

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What games are you playing?

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What OS? What is stuttering? What do your temps look like?



As of now i play rainbow six siege and fortnite



Win 10 I get these micro stutters games are not smooth , I recently got a g-snyc monitor. updated all drivers, windows, and as temp s my cpu is typical around 40 c and gpu around 50. Have n’t done any OCS yet …The system is relatively new. The only thing I think of is my ryzen cpu because my friends, and my sister have the latest intel cpus and here I am the only one with the stuttering issues



It sounds to me like you’ve got something running in the background eating CPU time.

Install evga precision and make sure the card is running high clocks all the time.

What is your idle CPU usage % in task manager doing?



What graphics setting are you playing?
Also, what the FPS and Frame time? (you can monitor it using OSD like MSI afterburner)
What version of your driver?



Do you have gsync on?



I don’t think it’s the Ryzen CPU. I’d put money on something in the background, or the monitor/cable is causing issues



Have you set power profile to “high performance”?

Ryzen, particularly Ryzen 1 if i recall can be sensitive to the Windows power profile.

On Linux, various games will give warnings prior to launch (e.g., Rise of the Tomb Raider) if your CPU scheduler settings are not set for high performance - and i remember it being an issue during Ryzen 1 testing on release.

Ryzen does its own power management internally and doesn’t need you to set power save or balanced in windows.



While you have an ssd never underestimate windows ability to overload your system drive,

I would open up the performance tab under task manager and look at the graphs after you have a stutter. And not just the graphs for the system drive.

It might also be a memory issue, But i enjoy blaming windows update for everything.



As many others have mentioned, Windows Task Manager is a fantastic tool for assisting in the diagnosis of dozens of problems. Take their advice on monitoring it during gameplay, especially during the micro stutter instances.

What I’d also recommend is borrow (or if you already have, use) a separate HDD/SSD, download the Windows 10 .iso again, and install it onto that separate HDD/SSD, to see whether it’s something caused by the host O.S or other software installed alongside the O.S



It may be possible you’ll see something in Event Viewer. Might want to check the Application and System Logs and see if there’s anything that stands out