PLS Help! Will a Intel Celeron G540 bottleneck a 7870?

Im considering to get a Mini ITX mobo on a low budget, and was wondering if i go with a shitty processor would a 7870 work on it?

yeah, i would say that a celeron is going to bottleneck almost any current gpu

Yes. Celeron is what I only hear are very very budget-sense CPUs.

JackFrags made a pc build with a slightly higher Intel Celeron Cpu and the benchmarks looked fine. I want a low budget LGA 1155 socket Cpu to future proof my build.

actually it would probably be fine as long as you dont play any too super CPU heavy games

Like which games? 

planetside 2, if you use PhysX in games on CPU, set it on low, and physics in battlefield 3 on low

it wont exactly be future proof with that cpu if you are going intel for a budget best getting a i3 or pentium g860 at least coupled with something like a gtx 560ti or 570 if you have the budget get a 660 ti or non ti with 4 gigs of ram and that should work

Im quite sure its a LGA 1155 Socket CPU, but yeah i was also considering the G860.