Plex Movies In Same Library As TV Shows?

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So I have a plex server which works great, and I have an anime library, movie, tv show, etc. But I want to add my anime movies into the same library as the rest of the anime to separate them from the other movies. The problem is that the anime library, since it is marked as a tv show library does not scan the movies, not adding it to the library. I will add of course to the movie libraries. Does anyone know a workaround to get it into it? I have tried renaming it like a tv show, and it adds but does not send correct metadata and I have tried matching and whatnot to no avail.


The easiest way is to make separate directories for your regular movies, anime movies, regular tv shows, and anime tv shows. I do the same thing to separate my few 3D movies from my regular movies. It doesn't accomplish your goal of having all your anime in one library but at least it separates the live action movies from anime movies.

ok that sucks but I think must be what I have to do thanks for the help

I ran into this issue myself. TV Shows will not be recognized in your Movies directory.
You just need to create a separate TV Show directory and load it that way.
Or you can just create separate Anime Movie directory and a Anime TV Show directory.

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Hope that helps you out

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