Plenty O' Case Mods

I havn't posted the last case mods i've been doing so here are a couple of em, havn't done many mods to my own lately simply because i'm broke atm ;)

To do list to my personal PC:

1. Pick up uchannel to finish window

2. Custom Fan Controller

3. Mod Supplies

4. BackUp HDD

5. Second LCD

6. QuadCore? Dual 4800 Series Cards? We'll see next year l0l

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Anyways to the case mods first off I freshly cut my antec 1200 window out again, stock was shit:


And then I completed the RedWhite to YellowBlack Mod:

Buddy wanted a side panel window? Buddy got a sidel panel window.

Made a dremel/rotary tool review along the way..

A Monitor mod I havn't gotten around to finishing...

RedWhite Before YellowBlack?

Custom Toggle switches anyone?..

Here's what i'm uploading now; Hurray for cheap cases!

Videos in order: First off let me show you the case when it arrived, window, paint job (Coming soon)



I'm looking for Antec 300 case mods right now

That's freakin legit. Lol. I need to get around to painting my case/replacing the fans during Spring break.

WOW. Cool!

Take the rivets out of the 300, paint the interior, and add a window, I know it's overdone but its the best 2 mods and super easy, also drill some cable mangement holes and add perhaps a logo on the right side with some stencil? Repaint the outside?

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to find that out. How do you take the rivets out and how much is a rivet gun? Also, how does the sizing of the rivets work? Because like, even in the TJharlow vid, he had to take out the rivets to mod/paint it, and I lack the tools/knowledge.

Rivet gun is about 20-25$ and the rivets are about 5$ for a good amount package, maybe 50? And it's fairly simple to put in, just youtube "how to rivet" and the "standard" size for rivets on chassis is 1/8" and the rivets you need are 1/8"

Okay, thanks.

Or you could just replace the rivets with screws if you have a nice enough hole.

That's what I did, I used thermaltake long screws and bolts and cut off the extra thread with my dremel

Wow youve done alot of casemods.

I wanna do one more, but buying a new case is not first pririty when I have money.

ultracombo wrote 10 hours ago ยป

I'm looking for Antec 300 case mods right now

go on youtube, and watch some of mnpctechs videos. :D

what is dat thing in the top pcie slot?

It's a switch paddle card so my card can run at 16x speed, rather 8x for my motherboard was badly designed.

the second slot is 8x? i thought that only happened if you ran two at the same time in CF. D:

oh well, i'm using the top pci-e x16 slot on my gigabyte mobo anyway.