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This answer your question?



Yeah but it’s not x-men.


Should the community vote on the news titles?

Just for you OP



This is muh Barbie. She’s muh darlin’. She does everythin’! Even mines muh bitcoin fer me!

…for the chinese… she also turns off the heating systems in Finnish high schools.




Your meme arsenal is no match.


Seven Foot Barbie

Once a political conservative attempted to bait me,
Grumbling I made him sound, cold and heartless;
When I never so much as hinted any such a thing!
I told him he actually didn’t sound heartless to me,
But may possess an underdeveloped sense of humor.
Conservatives often having stunted senses of humor,
Something he might do well to work hard addressing,
For all politics bereft a well developed sense of humor,
Is like becoming infatuated with an inflatable sex doll!
Metaphors surround us, everywhere you might look,
Being essential for life, the universe, and everything,
Metaphors confuse zombies, who never see the truth!
Including the immortal perfection, of blowup Barbie!
Which every little girl will tell you, is without a doubt,
Still worshiped by zombies from all around the world!
She comes complete, alluring accessories sold separately,
And to this day she still represents immortal perfection,
Be sure to try our newest physicist Barbie, with String Theory!


A true lord of his craft @kewldude007


Ken put on some weight, but I’d recognize those beady eyes anywhere.