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Please Stop


In future videos could you refrain from using “Barbie” in the title of the video, Youtube could not differentiate your videos from barbie videos. Please Stop.


It is a bit harsh, but the whole point was messing with the algorythm…

I thought it was funny, and ignored the wall of pink suggestions YT gave.


Same thing happened with the fidget spinner a few months ago.
Its just for this week, so relax.


I also prefer Polly Pocket.


Barbie, Polly Pocket…

what about Bratz?

Bratz >>>>> Barbie, Polly Pocket, etc.


I love my seven foot inflatable Barbie, she comes with all the latest accessories…


Just wait for the IOT version! until it’s hacked, it’ll be awesome!


psh you cant easily eat brats or barbie clealy polly pocket is the true master choice


DUDE I love this shit… I watch on the L1T site so I dont encounter the issue but LMAO Excellent algorithm troll @wendell


I remember those polly pocket things. It’s like a little world you get to play with in the palm of your hand. I wished there was an x-men thing like that when I was a kid. Was mad only girls got to have that sort of thing when I was a kid.


Just watch on the Patreon page :wink:


Is it X-men?




Next up: Spiderman, Elsa, and the Joker

But that raises the question. Is Wendell Spiderman or the Joker?


There was.


Thats hilarious



Why not both? :man_shrugging:


We want more, we want more! :rofl:


Ken is the jealous type, and not that liberal minded.