Please someone help!

Okay, I've built the system that i posted about before

Everything except the gpu there, its still on the way. So instead ive been using the Nvidia geforce 8600 gts out of my old rig until the new one comes in. Been runniing the last few days without issue, except today i started installing a lot of games and applying mods to them. And one of them is Oblivion i was modding it lallalala and i typed a console command to give myself 999 gold and it froze. Okay no big deal right? No i have to hold the power button to turn it off completely and i turn it back on and it has no video output, so i grab my even older geforce 6800 that i kinow for a fact works, ive even tried different pci slots. Also when it powers on with no video out, the cards are on the fans are spinning and holding the power button to turn off the rig does not work i have to flip the switch on the psu to cycle it off. Please any and all advice are welcome!




As a side note upon further investigation the cpu red led on this particular mobo is on when this is happening, so i wonder if maybe my cpu died after two days? I have been keeping a close eye on temps, never above 39 c so i know it never overheated.... any advice please?