Please someone help me right now

so i just finished assembling my new computer (also the first i build myself) and when i hit the power button it tried to start up. all the fans started for half a second then it stopped. so i checked everything to make sure it all was plugged in correctly. it seemed so so i tried it again. same thing. considered maybe the power supply wasent giving enough power so i unplugged all the fans just to see if it could keep the system on. same thing. so here i am. i dont have a system to plug each piece into to test them and i have no idea whats wrong.


the build

atm im using the stock cpu cooler because my coolermaster came without a backplate. also i added 2 140mm blue LED fans to the top of the case. also i have 4 sticks of corsair vengence 4GB not 2. (giving me 16GB of RAM)

sorry for the partpicker link im just tired and frustrated and terrified of the idea of losing so much money

if anyone could help me figure out whats wrong you would be my hero right now.

What's your Power Supply?

Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm sure something can be resolved, don't worry.

First off unplug the headers of the case and get a screwdriver or something of the sort and manually touch the power jumpers together... Post with results

unplug hard drive, optical drive, headers, graphics card, and just run the system with only the main board, cpu, ram and power supply connected. use a screw driver to short the power connector in the header section. New builds sometimes restarts 2-3 times before booting normally.. its let it restart couple of time .. if you get post screen.. turn off and plug one thing at a time. post results

ok well the lights on the motherboard are on. they have always been since i first attempted to boot. i forgot to mention that. I unplugged everything like you said. used a screwdriver to jump the header and...same thing. does this mean its a power supply issue?

Corsaid CX500

next try each stick of ram individually in different slots

um the PSU you have does that the fans only turn when need to save on power thats what mines do & we have the same brand im sure your ok man this what i got

Basic PC power supplies have fans that spin whenever your PC is on – whether you’re pushing your graphics card to the limit or just surfing the web. HX Series power supplies are smarter than that: they generate less heat, so they require less cooling, and the thermally controlled fan only spins when it’s needed.

That's clearly not what he's talking about. I would try RMAing the PSU and if it still doesn't work when you get a new one then it's probably a bad motherboard.

k so i tried that and there was no change.

ya but nothing turns on not just the PSU fan


can you check if the risers are correctly at the right places and none are touching the mainboard. All the screws are screwd to the risers. the final check before sending the board away could be to take the board out of the case and plug the RAM, PSU, CPU heatsink and short the power switch. making sure the board is not touching conductive material.

thank you everybody for your suggestions. im RMAing the PSU atm and when the new one comes back well see what happens. Ill keep this topic updated when the new one arrieves for those of you curious as to what the actual problem is


OK well i friend of mine let me use an unused PSU he had from a former build its only 430 Watts but that should be enough to run just the Mobo CPU CPU cooler and RAM. unfortunately same problem the CPU cooler fan just twitches when i short the powerswitch then sits still for a while then twitches again. I plugged in a monitor just in case this was a heatsink problem but got nothing. blank screen. I switched out each stick of RAM and tried them all one a t a time. still nothing. I guess that means the Mobos screwed. ill RMA it and hope for the best.

I didn't see you replying to the question that was asked eariler - are you sure you are using the motherboard standoffs, and if so that they are all on the right places? Otherwise you're frying your motherboard and possibly other parts too.

The standoffs look like this

and go between your motherboard and case.

Make sure the Power connector is in all the way, mine was only half way in and my system was flickering on and off, the fans started and stopped repeatedly.

ya im using the standoffs. (unless theres some other type of standoffs that i dont know of that come with the case) in fact i just had to order a bunch of standoffs because the hyper 212 diddnt come with any and it needs them to be mounted.


power connector to the mobo? im pretty sure it was in all the way. it went in untill it clicked but now that you mention it im not 100% (its such a small thing its hard to remember one way or the other. if i get my parts back and im still having this problem ill make sure to check that before i have another freak out.


Wait...what? The Hyper 212 shouldn't need standoffs. It'll need a mounting kit, but not standoffs. Standoffs look exactly like the picture that spittis posted. They don't come in any other shape or size, although they might come in different colors.

Make sure you screwed the standoffs into the motherboard tray and then screwed the motherboard screws into the standoffs.

Check power to CPU as well. I missed that on my first build a while ago.