Please Sign This Always Online DRM Sucks

"Video and computer games are growing increasingly reliant on remote servers and the implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) to function properly.

When these measures fail, consumers are left with an unplayable experience. In these cases, the consumer should have the right to expect a full refund, whether the game was purchased in physical or digital form.

SimCity from publisher Electronic Arts is a recent example of why such a law is crucial. Even 72 hours after its release, players are unable to log in and play, rendering their $60 purchase useless. Yet they have no recourse for a refund.

Consumer protection laws vary from state to state. Please institute a universal, industry-wide refund policy for defective entertainment both digital and physical."

Let's do this. (I did not make the petition just spreading the word)

Thanks for posting this I signed it, it is completely unacceptable that games like SimCity and Diablo 3 enforce always on DRM with servers that cannot handle the load.

just posting to get it back on the top of the front page...







Steam is good, you dont need to be online to play offline games and they actually support the companies that make the games.

GFWL and EA, gtfo

Yea I won't be signing this nonsense. Sorry but I fully support DRM to counter piracy. It's in the companies best interest to protect their assest. 

It is not saying to remove DRM it is meant to hold companies accountable for malfunctioning DRM, this way if something like the SimCity or Diablo 3 scenario occurs then consumers can get a refund.

I feel that DRM does not counter piracy but rather only inconvenience legitimate customers.

Bump to top, I still buy my games in a store (partly because my internet is 1MB Down, 0.7 Down)

already signed...