Please Scrutinize My Build (priced for Canada eh)



There is the link. Great site if anyone hasn't singed up there it's fantabulously awesome. Although you have to tripple check quite a bit to make sure you are getting the right parts. Just know your parts, know their compatibility.

For instance I'll have to go INTO the Bios to be able to support the 1866 Mushkin RAM. This MOBO won't support it on a boot up, and if it does it will likely downclock it or get buggy.

Here is a review of the GTX 670 Over Clocked Power Edition -

You'll see why easily I prefer this card over the 7970 and 680 for price, performance, overclockablity (it's been reported with fan cooling going over 1250mhz), plus the intagibles like ADAPTIVE V-SYNCH, PHYSX, and of course the memory is overclokable to 6530 or higher. Voltage is changable due to the fact Nvidia took their hands off that control and decided to let non-reference be able to adjust it. 

Footnote: I live in Canada so some prices for me may be different than yours.


P.S. -  Canadian Dollar is on par with the American Dollar atm.  ;)

(I have a 1TB External drive where I will be keeping my videos/large files/programs that don't require high performance. For my OS and up to 3-4 large games or 4-8 smaller ones at a time, I will be using my SSD. Also for any small applications I will use SSD. I may change my mind and get a caviar black but someone has to convince me first. ) 

And just to cap it off here is a fun video that may dispel any Canadian stereotypes you might be carrying:

And just to cap it off how about a parody of what you just saw?

Hope you've been entertained. 

You probably don't need the extra reliablity of an intel ssd. Samsung 830 has more storage and costs less (In America maybe this is wrong in Canada).