Please recommend a KVM for this; DisplayPort in office, but HDMI at home

Hi there! I’m hoping for some helpful advice.

I’ve got two laptops that support HDMI out and thunderbolt / usb-c out (so meaning, DisplayPort 1.2). The laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad T470s and a Dell XPS15. Both these laptops support daisy-chaining the two DP monitors I have in the office, (daisy-chaining, meaning Multi-Stream Transport (MST) ).

So, it seems simple. A DisplayPort KVM would work there.

But, actually, I would like the KVM to work in my home setup as well (especially since I don’t know when I’ll see my office again), and at home I just have a single HDMI monitor. Now, DisplayPort and HDMI are two totally different signals. Can I use a convertor cable and expect it to work? Is there a KVM that offers HDMI output as well as DisplayPort? Or is the KVM fancy enough to “sense” that there’s a HDMI monitor and change the signal?

Or should I step out of magical christmas land and just buy two different KVMs for the two locations?

Would appreciate your advice!

Kind regards,

Displayport to hdmi cable should work fine as an output from the KVM. But only for one screen. It won’t do daisy chain

Alternative would be a thunderbolt dock with two display outs that can go to each monitor. You can use the kvm for one screen and direct connection to the other

Displayport kvms are expensive. Hdmi ones are cheap. I’d just buy one of each.


Thanks, it’s already good to know that DisplayPort to HDMI conversion as output from the KVM should work. Good idea.

I have only one HDMI screen, so that works for me.

“DisplayPort KVMs are expensive, HDMI ones are cheap”. OK, well, I still think I want to be able to use DisplayPort. - so you gave me the answer. But at least a DisplayPort KVM, but probably just buy both.

Thanks a lot!

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