Please install Intel ME8 Driver to enable CPU overclock?

I have just built an new PC.


Western Digital WD Black 1TB x2 in RAID 0

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit with SP1 OEM

Intel Core i7 3770K

MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning 2GB

Corsair HX-1050 V2 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply 

Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A2133C10 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3

MSI Z77 MPOWER Motherboard

Corsair Hydro Series H100i CPU Cooler

And i want to overclock it, i am aware of the risks. The problem is when i open click bios 2 it tells me.

"Please install Intel ME8 Driver to enable CPU overclock!"

So i went to Msi's website and went to z77 Mpower, windows 7 64-bit , Drivers and got the intel management

engine 8 driver download opened the downloaded setup.exe and it told me

"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software."

So i checked if my BIOS was the newest version with Msi's live update 5 and it was, i updated it 2 days ago

using live update 5 to download and install the newest BIOS version h.70.

By the way, all windows updates are up to date and all other drivers that i know of are installed.

Please help.

Thanks in advance :)

Did you try overclocking in the UEFI BIOS?

Are those corsair RAM sticks XMP compliant? Is XMP set in BIOS as governing your memory? Once you get XMP going it will be compatible imo.

yes i did try with no luck, i could overclock before i updated my click bios 2 to the newest version

xmp is alredy going with no luck :(

I would try a clean install of windows 7 on an extra hard drive, get all the updates and see if it still gives you an error. If you can get it working then I guess you just need to reinstall windows.

Just re-installed windows yesterday night with no luck :( maby the raid 0 has something to do with the error? I have to re install evrything agin when i get an ssd anyways but i dont think it is windows related :(

Hmmm... I guess from here all you can do is call MSI support. Maybe they can help you.

ME8 Driver is Intel Management Engine Driver) Download and install it from

Good Luck